The Community's New Punk Setlist: The Completed Setlist

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Welcome to the Community's New Punk Setlist! Our objective here is to make a 100 song punk setlist based on forum-goer's votes.

So after 200 days of voting, we have the final setlist. Congratulations once again to all the bands and songs that made it onto the setlist. I'd also like to thank everyone who participated and stepped in to start threads when I was unable to do so.

The first setlist, for those who are interested.

The Community's Punk Setlist:

45 Grave - "Black Cross"
The Adicts - "Chinese Takeaway"
Amebix - "Chain Reaction"
Bad Brains - "Banned in D.C."
Bad Religion - "American Jesus"
Beastie Boys - "Lee Majors Come Again"
Black Flag - "Rise Above"
Blood on the Saddle - "Man With No Name"
Buzzcocks - "Harmony in My Head
Cap'n Jazz - "Basil's Kite"
Circle Jerks - "Operation"
The Clash - "White Riot"
Cock Sparrer - "Droogs Don't Run"
The Cramps - "Human Fly"
Crass - "Where Next Columbus?"
Crime - "San Francisco's Doomed"
Cro-Mags - "World Peace"
D.O.A. - "Police Brutality"
The Damned - "Liar"
Dead Boys - "High Tension Wire"
Dead Kennedys - "Let's Lynch the Landlord"
The Dead Milkmen - "Punk Rock Girl"
Death - "You're a Prisoner"
Defiance, Ohio - "Condition 11:11"
Descendents - "Hope"
DeVotchKa - "The Enemy Guns"
The Dickies - "Waterslide"
The Dictators - "Slow Death"
Discharge - "Drunk with Power"
Drive Like Jehu - "Here Come the Rome Plows"
Embrace - "Do Not Consider Yourself Free"
The Exploited - "Alternative"
Flipper - "Nothing"
From the Depths - "Let the Black Flag Fly"
Fugazi - "Lockdown"
Funeral Diner - "We Become Buried"
Gang of Four - "Damaged Goods"
The Germs - "Lexicon Devil"
Gogol Bordello - "60 Revolutions"
Government Issue - "Here's the Rope"
Gray Matter - "Caffeine Blues"
The Gun Club - "Preaching the Blues"
His Hero Is Gone - "Sterile Fortress"
Hot Water Music - "Freightliner"
Husker Du - "Turn on the News"
Indigesti - "Silenzio Statico"
Integrity - "Trapped Under Silence"
Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - "Born to Lose"
The Lillingtons - "Invasion of the Saucermen"
The Lurking Corpses - "Mark of the Devil"
Magrudergrind - "Built to Blast"
MC5 - "Motor City is Burning"
MDC - "Dead Cops/America's So Straight"
Meat Puppets - "Aurora Borealis"
Minor Threat - "Out of Step (With the World)"
Minutemen - "Jesus and Tequila"
Misfits - "Horror Business"
The Modern Lovers - "Roadrunner"
Moss Icon - "Moss Icon"
Nation of Ulysses - "Spectra Sonic Sound"
New York Dolls - "Jet Boy"
NoMeansNo - "Oh No! Bruno!"
Operation Ivy - "Big City"
Orchid - "Boy with No Arms"
Onslaught - "The Shadow of Death"
The Pogues - "The Sickbed of Cuchulainn"
Propagandhi - "Showdown (G.E.P.)"
The Qu


  • SlyDanteSlyDante Rising Star
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    Meh, I dunno...It's good, but there just seems to be way too much of a lean towards '80s hardcore & older songs this time around. I mean, they're great songs, but it feels a tad "elitist" & kind of takes away a little variety. Of course, it could just be that I joined in the voting too late.

    But whatever the case, I'd still buy it. It just could be a tad better, I suppose.
  • soup567soup567 Headliner
    edited April 2011

    It really is a great Punk list and has many of the best and most influential Punk bands on it, as well as some that aren't the most well-known, but still very good bands, and setlists like these are good ways to introduce those bands to people who may not have heard of them. It covers multiple genres of Punk, variety is always good. Overall, it is a very awesome setlist. Nothing really that bad on it.
  • LegendofRock3021LegendofRock3021 Nice Doggy
    edited April 2011
    First of all, I want to thank you for taking the time to bring this back, it was a lot of fun and I think we came up with a great setlist for the most part with a few exceptions. Now that it's completed, I think we should finish the DLC day from the last thread. I'm going to bring that thread back to see how we should go about that or just leave it the way it is at the moment.
  • Lameboy19Lameboy19 Headliner
    edited May 2011
    if this game got released, it would give me a reason to pick up a plastic instrument again

    9/10 only because there's some song choices that could've been better.

    also @the 80's elitist comment, there's a good amount of 90's in here as well, not only that it's a hell of a lot better than having rise against and anti flag on the list
  • FlyGuyLXIFlyGuyLXI Headl!ner
    edited May 2011
    + Few good songs, points for The Adicts and The Cramps

    - Biasness of entry-level punk
    - Reliance of 80s material
    - There's plenty of hardcore, but barely any of it is NY.
    - lack of ska punk
    - Some of these choices could've been better (It would've been nice to have a Social Distortion choice that wasn't off one of their first albums for once, also not fond of the given MDC and Dead Kennedys choices)
    - No D.R.I. or Patti Smith, Really?
  • edited May 2011
    Damn, I'm sad this is over.
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