Rock Band Server Migration - Some Online Features Temporarily Unavailable

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Hey Guys:

As part of our transition to an independent company, Harmonix is moving our Rock Central server data to a new facility. So what does that mean for you as a player? During this period of maintenance, online features for our slate of titles will experience periodic (but temporary) outages. Details will follow in this thread, so stay tuned. Here’s the information we can share with you today!
  • Beginning at Midnight 5/4/11 there will be no online play or leaderboard updates for TBRB Xbox 360 for the remainder of the week

  • Other updates to the rest of our titles and platforms will be rolling out over the next 3-4 weeks. We will update this thread with more information as it is available.

  • During those weeks, each game for each platform will be down for maintenance for a period of 48-72 hours. During that time, online gameplay, leaderboard data, the Rock Band Store and certain web features will be unavailable. Any achievements or in-game goals you unlock during this time should register the next time you are able to connect to Rock Central

  • The website should not experience any planned outages during this time, so you can check the forums for the latest information about the Rock Central migration. Certain sections of the website (leaderboards & battles, for example) will be unavailable during Rock Band 3 server migration.

Additionally, these servers are only used to store game data and live net based features for the Rock Band franchise. They do not store personal information or any financial information related to your Rock Band library or song purchase history.

Stay tuned to this thread and to @RockBand on Twitter for updates and advanced warnings about which games will be going offline. We’re doing our best to do this quickly and simply to get you up and rocking ASAP.


***HMXHenry Edit 5/6***

We just found out from our Live OPs team that they're going to try to get the majority of the PS3 maintenance taken care of while the PSN is down. We'll be focusing on all RB titles over the next week, but as long as the PSN is down you shouldn't notice anything. We just wanted to pass along an update in case the PSN came back online ahead of the schedule that Sony has been projecting.

We'll update with more info if the situation changes.


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    Hey all, thanks for your patience while we roll ahead with our server migration.

    As I'm sure many PS3 users have noticed, Sony flipped some switches to get the PSN back up and running after several weeks of down time. As mentioned in the 5/6 update in the post above, we pushed our PS3 maintenance up so that we could reduce migration hassles while the PSN was already down. And, of course, because no good deed goes unpunished, PSN went live right in the middle of that. We're going to be wrapping up our server migration as quickly as possible and we'll post updates here as our Live Ops / Web team keeps us informed.

    For more information on the DLC schedule you can keep posted to the Announcement forums. We're working with Sony to make sure the last few weeks of DLC get out in a reasonable time frame given the recent issues with the PSN. Thanks again for your patience and understanding!
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    Hurray for updates! We are aaaaaaaaaaaaalmost wrapped with server migration. Most of the heavy lifting is done and RB3 and RB2 should be running smoothly on all systems barring some minor flutters.

    If you've had issues with My Gameplay status, leaderboard scores, account linking / the Well Connected achievement or other Rock Central dependent features, it's likely that the server migration was responsible. Things should be settling over the next few days and when we return from E3 we'll follow up with the Live Ops team to provide another update.

    Thanks for hanging in there!
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    We've received word from the Web and Live Ops team that all migration should now be completed. Things ran a little long on the end but the work on the RB3 servers have been completed for quite some time and people playing older titles should have only experienced infrequent hiccups.

    Things should now be running smoothly for everyone playing RB online! If you have any questions or believe that you're having server side issues (trouble with online play, leaderboard issues, etc) you can hit up the Web Support forum.

    Thanks to all for your patience! Rock on!
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