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DLC Quickplay has been on the music game scene for about 3 years now, helping Rock Band and Guitar Hero players find each other and catalog their music collections online. After RBN was launched last year we waited patiently, like a skilled and ferocious jungle cat. Then we waited some more. Then finally we got our first songs submitted, and still we waited for the right time to make our announcement.

Well, the right time is now! Our first song is coming out this week, it's a dark alternative rock tune by the name of "Hangman" by Drugstore Fanatics. You can preview it here in its entirety:


It'll be available for 80 MSP on May 5th, Thursday. We'd greatly appreciate any support we can get, hopefully it will make its way onto the PS3 at some point.

We've also got a dozen other bands that we can announce now, including original songs by video game cover artist CarboHydroM (under the name Unsealed), swedish metal band Daas Bosh, piano-driven alt rocker an Unkindness (of TheAmazingAtheist fame), Australian pop rock band Blame Ringo, video game homage artist Miracle of Sound (known for "Gordon Freeman Saved My Life"), indie/alternative band The MacHams, internet alternative artist Glenn Case, and an experimental project DJ Raptorz.

And likely more to come, we just can't mention them yet! We'll post updates here as we get new artists or release new songs.

You can find our official RBN website here: http://dlcquickplay.com/rbn/
There you can find more information about the bands and songs in our catalog, including preview videos.

Also subscribe to our YouTube channel here: http://youtube.com/dlcquickplay


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