Tyler's RB4 setlist V2.0 (Tiers, new songs.)

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A few months ago, I made a RB4 setlist and I did a few weeks of DLC and that was it. But decided to redo the setlist with tiers, new songs and new DLC. I hope you guys like this.

(91 songs)

10's (7 songs):

Alter Bridge - Isolation (AB III, 2010) G:4 D:3 B:4 V:5
Cee Lo Green - What Part of Forever (Twilight: Eclipse Official Movie Soundtrack, 2010) G:1 D:2 B:1 V:6 K: 0
Foals - After Glow (Total Life Forever, 2010) G:2 D:3 B:1 V:2 K:4
Free Energy - Bang Pop (Stuck on Nothing, 2010) G:3 D:0 B:0 V:3 K:1
My Darkest Days - Porn Star Dancing (My Darkest Days, 2010) G:6 D:0 B:0 V:2 K:3
Telekinesis – Car Crash (12 Desperate Straight Lines, 2011) G:1 D:4 B:0 V:6 K:0
Vampire Weekend - Cousins (Contra, 2010) G:6 D:6 B:6 V:5

00's (34 songs):

Bullet for My Valentine - Eye of the Storm (Scream Aim Fire, 2008) G:6 D:6 B:3 V:4
Children of Bodom - Bodom After Midnight (Follow the Reaper, 2000) G:6 D:6 B:3 V:1 K:6
Daft Punk - Digital Love (Discovery, 2001) G:4 D:3 B:2 V:5 K:6
Deluxe – Que No (If Things Were to Go Wrong, 2004) G:1 D:3 B:1 V:5 K:2
Editors - The Racing Rats (An End Has a Start, 2007) G:1 D:4 B:1 V:6 K:0
Feist - 1234 (The Reminder, 2007) G:0 D:0 B:0 V:5 K:4
Foo Fighters - End Over End (In Your Honor, 2005) G:1 D:1 B:1 V:4
Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses (Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, 2009) G:3 D:1 B:0 V:1 K:3
Guano Apes - You Can't Stop Me (Walking on a Thin Line, 2003) G:4 D:1 B:2 V:6 K:3
Imogen Heap – Headlock (Speak for Yourself, 2005) D:0 B:0 V:6 K:3
Interpol - Evil (Antics, 2004) G:0 D:1 B:0 V:2
The Killers - Somebody Told Me (Hot Fuss, 2004) G:3 D:4 B:1 V:5 K:0
Klaxons - Golden Skans (Myths of the Near Future, 2007) G:0 D:2 B:0 V:5 K:3
Korn - Evolution (Untitled album, 2007) G:3 D:0 B:1 V:2 K:1
Lagwagon - Heartbreaking Music (Resolve, 2005) G:4 D:6 B:3 V:3
Maximo Park - Our Velocity (Our Earthly Pleasures, 2007) G:4 D:5 B:4 V:2 K:4
Mika - Grace Kelly (Life in Cartoon Motion, 2007) G:0 D:4 B:0 V:6 K:3
Negramaro – La Finestra (La Finestra, 2007) G:1 D:2 B:1 V:3 K:4
Outworld - Riders (Outworld, 2006) G:5 D:6 B:5 V:4 K:6
Ozzy Osbourne - Nightmare (Black Rain, 2007) G:4 D:2 B:2 V:5 K:1
Pereza – Estrella Polar (Aproximaciones, 2007) G:2 D:0 B:1 V:5 K:0
Phoenix - Too Young (United, 2000) G:1 D:2 B:1 V:4 K:2
Placebo - The Bitter End (Sleeping with Ghosts, 2003) G:3 D:3 B:3 V:2 K:0
Plan Three - Triggers (Screaming Our Sins, 2009) G:3 D:2 B:0 V:3 K:4
The Pretenders - Break Up the Concrete (Break Up the Concrete, 2008) G:3 D:4 B:2 V:3
Rancid – Fall Back Down (Indestructible, 2003) G:3 D:4 B:4 V:3 K:3
The Rasmus - Guilty (Dead Letters, 2003) G:1 D:1 B:1 V:4 K:0
Razorlight - Golden Touch (Up All Night, 2004) G:3 D:0 B:1 V:3
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down (Don't You Fake It, 2006) G:3 D:4 B:3 V:4
Robbie Williams - Tripping (Intensive Care, 2005) G:0 D:2 B:0 V:5 K:2
Rooney - Blueside (Rooney, 2003) G:3 D:1 B:1 V:3 K:1
The Strokes - Juicebox (First Impressions of the Earth, 2006) G:1 D:2 B:2 V:4
Sum 41 - Fat Lip (All Killer, No Filler, 2001) G:3 D:4 B:3 V:5
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (It's Blitz!, 2009) G:2 D:2 B:1 V:3 K:1

90's (18 songs):

311 – Applied Science (Grassroots, 1994) G:2 D:6 B:1 V:2
Bad Religion - Infected (Stranger than Fiction, 1994) G:1 D:0 B:1 V:2
Blur – Country House (The Great Escape, 1995) G:4 D:1 B:3 V:4 K:3
Candlebox - You (Candlebox, 1993) G:4 D:3 B:3 V:6
Dream Theater - The Dance of Eternity (Metropolis Pt.2: Scenes from a Memory, 1999) G:6 D:6 B:4 K:6
Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight (Desireless, 1997) G:3 D:3 B:2 V:5 K:3
Goldfinger - Superman (Hang-Ups, 1997) G:5 D:5 B:5 V:5 K:2
Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box (In Utero, 1993) G:0 D:0 B:0 V:3
Live - Pain Lies on the Riverside (Mental Jewelry, 1991) G:5 D:5 B:6 V:5
Oasis – Morning Glory ((What’s the Story?) Morning Glory, 1995) G:3 D:2 B:2 V:3
Phish - Poor Heart (A Picture of Nectar, 1992) G:6 D:6 B:6 V:6 K:6
The Posies - Flavor of the Month (Frosting on the Beater, 1993) G:2 D:2 B:1 V:4
Primus - Tommy the Cat (Sailing the Seas of Cheese, 1991) G:5 D:4 B:6 V:2
Royal Crown Revue - Hey Pachuco (The Mask Official Movie Soundtrack, 1994) G:0 D:6 B:4 V:4 K:6
Sarah McLachlan - Possession (Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, 1993) G:0 D:2 B:0 V:3 K:0
Smash Mouth – Let’s Rock (Fush Yu Mang, 1997) G:6 D:3 B:6 V:5
Strung Out - Too Close to See (Twisted by Design, 1998) G:6 D:6 B:6 V:6
Sugar Ray - Fly (Floored, 1997) G:3 D:3 B:2 V:4 K:3

80's (13 songs):
Bad Brains - Banned in DC (Bad Brains, 1982) G:5 D:6 B:5 V:2
Bon Jovi - Raise Your Hands (Slippery When Wet, 1986) G:6 D:3 B:4 V:5 K:1
Blue Oyster Cult - Dancin' in the Ruins (Club Ninja, 1986) G:2 D:2 B:1 V:3 K:1
David Bowie - Ashes to Ashes (Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps), 1980) G:0 D:2 B:1 V:3 K:1
Europe - Rock the Night (The Final Countdown, 1986) G:6 D:3 B:2 V:3 K:0
Jeff Beck - Space Boogie (There and Back, 1980) G:4 D:6 B:3 K:6
Radio Futura - Escuela de Calor (La ley del desierto, la ley del mar, 1984) G:4 D:2 B:2 V:5
Rush - Time Stand Still (Hold Your Fire, 1987) G:2 D:5 B:4 V:4 K:1
Slayer - Silent Scream (South of Heaven, 1988) G:6 D:6 B:6 V:0
The Smiths – Unhappy Birthday (Strangeways, Here We Come, 1987) G:2 D:5 B:2 V:2 K:0
Squeeze - Pulling Mussels (From the Shell) (Argybargy, 1980) G:3 D:2 B:2 V:4 K:5
Tears for Fears - Shout (Songs from the Big Chair, 1985) G:2 D:2 B:1 V:4 K:3
Toto - Rosanna (Toto IV, 1982) G:3 D:5 B:1 V:6 K:6

70's (15 songs):
Deep Purple - Burn (Burn, 1974) G:6 D:6 B:5 V:6 K:6
Focus - Hocus Pocus (Focus II (Moving Waves), 1971) G:6 D:6 B:5 V:6 K:6
Foghat - Fool for the City (Fool for the City, 1975) G:5 D:3 B:3 V:3
George Harrison - Isn't It a Pity (All Things Must Pass, 1970) G:2 D:3 B V:4 K:2
John Lennon - I Found Out (John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, 1970) G:1 D:2 B:2 V:2
King Crimson - The Great Deciever (Starless and Bible Black, 1974) G:5 D:5 B:5 V:6 K:6
Lynyrd Skynyrd - I Know a Little (Street Survivors, 1977) G:6 D:4 B:4 V:5 K:6
Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Blinded by the Light (The Roaring Silence, 1976) G:6 D:5 B:3 V:4 K:6
The Moody Blues - Question (A Question of Balance, 1970) G:6 D:5 B:4 V:4 K:1
Ozark Mountain Daredevils - Jackie Blue (It'll Shine When It Shines, 1974) G:0 D:0 B:0 V:4 K:2
Paul McCartney and Wings - No Words (Band on the Run, 1973) G:2 D:1 B:1 V:4 K:2
Ringo Starr - I'm the Greatest (Ringo, 1973) G:1 D:0 B:0 V:3 K:4
Styx - Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) (The Grand Illusion, 1977) G:4 D:1 B:1 V:5 K:6
Yes - Long Distance Runaround/The Fish (Fragile, 1971) G:6 D:5 B:4 V:4 K:5

60's (4 songs):
The Animals - House of the Rising Sun (The Animals, 1964) G:5 D:4 B:0 V:6 K:6
The Beach Boys - Sloop John B (Pet Sounds, 1966) G:2 D:0 B:0 V:5 K:1
Chicago - Beginnings (The Chicago Transport Authority, 1969) G:4 D:3 B:3 V:4 K:4
The Who - So Sad About Us (A Quick One, 1966) G:1 D:2 B:0 V:5


Week 1: (What's the Story) Morning Glory? Full Album
Week 2: Maroon 5 02 + Superbus and Hypernova
Week 3: N.E.R.D + Madcon
Week 4: Mobile + Last Shadow Puppets


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