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This is an all purpose thread, if you have any questions or comments on my music, my authoring, whatever, reply to this thread, I will respond 100%.

Songs Released: Cluster #2 (RB2 version) - Chart Toppers Authoring - Purchase Link
Mercury Blooming - Chart Toppers Authoring - Purchase Link
Cluster #2 - Chart Toppers Authoring - Purchase Link
*Reviving a Dead Language - Fairwood Studios - Purchase Link
**Genuine Penguin - TriumphantBass Productions - Purchase Link
**A Tadg30 Song - Chart Toppers Authoring - Chinese Folk/Alternative Metal

Songs in Pipeline: *Free Bugs For Everyone [RBN Mix] - Lucid Charting - Psychedelic Jam Rock
*I See in Calculus - Lucid Charting - Math Rock
*Kill Your Best Friend - Lucid Charting - Smooth Jazz
*Nothing Petunia - Lucid Charting - Folk Rock
*Optical Inlay - Lucid Charting - Symphonic
*Generic Techno Song - That Authoring Group - Techno
**Radio Song - Triumphant Bass - Hard Rock
*Korobeiniki - Red Rock Charters - Russian Folk Song
**Looks Good - Chart Toppers Authoring - Electronic Symphonic Progressive Rock

* = First draft chart authored by me.
** = V1 Expert drums authored by me.

Songs That Could Be Released: Askari: Spider Warrior Theme - Symphonic Folk Ambiance
Audio Mindf*** - Noise
Ave Maria - Symphonic
Cream [Feat. Freen in Green] - Electronic Rock
Facade - Electronic
Fracture - Electronic Symphonic
Funeral March [Bleed Gatorade to The Grave Mix] - Symphonic Metal
Gorge - Symphonic Rock
Helicopter - Noise
i dont believe in fungus - Electronic
Jesse Collins Nightmare - Symphonic
Korn - Acid Jazz
Mapping Frequencies - Drums 'n' Bass
Nari: Sonar Echoes Theme
Nine (Album) - Symphonic/Electronic/Jazz
Purple River - Symphonic
Sacrifice The Lotus Children - Ska Rock
Tarantula - Rock
Tool Shed Fire Alarm - Noise-Rock
Totality YOU CANNOT Talking 2 Broken Stages - Experimental Electronic
Traveling Jack's Lost in New Zealand - Hard Rock
You'd Never Believe It - Progressive Rock

Askari Nari Bandcamp (You can download all my songs legally for free here).

I want to have every song that I ever write released through the Rock Band Network, but since I have so many and I'm always writing new music, it's hard for me to keep up. So help me by telling me what songs you'd like me to start releasing and I'll start working on whatever songs people are the most interested in. Like if a lot of people just can't wait for "You'd Never Believe It" to become available, I'd start working on it (Although that song is pretty awful and no one will ever request for that to be released).

Contact email (If you have any questions at all, whether it's asking for the tabs/sheet music for a song or whatever, feel free to email me): [email][/email]


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