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How have we not seen any of them on here??? Plz someone contact them hahaha. It'd be awesome to play Denial or Enemy


  • weirdphilweirdphil Road Warrior
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    You know, these types of threads get my hopes up pretty quick, like the Lacuna Coil thread that's also up here. If someone starts a thread titled "Sevendust!!!" I assume that a deal has been made and tracks are on their way. Instead I'm greeted with "wouldn't it be cool if we had this stuff?" Where's my angry "you got my hopes, you make me sad" emoticon?

    That said, I do enjoy Sevendust, but this... not cool.
  • ShoTTySLanKiNShoTTySLanKiN Road Warrior
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    Ya it is odd they haven't been featured yet, I know some of there older stuff is on a bigger record company but their recent few cds are done by their on company. Plus they are on about the same level of popularity with bands like Seether, Evanescence & Nonpoint so it "Shouldn't" be hard to nab them!

    Get on it RockGamer with all that clout you got, you would surely land them!
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