Prince: The Hits 1 and 2 packs

indianoutlaw14indianoutlaw14 Unsigned
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With the addition of the keyboard I think it would be awesome to have all of Prince's hits available for download.


  • Death50Death50 Road Warrior
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    Prince refuses because he feels the game doesn't teach players to learn real insturments. Now maybe if they would really show how Pro guitar, Pro Drums & Pro Keys do teach or lead to learning the real deal, maybe artist like him that have snuffed these games will change their minds. But Harmonix will really need to go out and show them this, right now I feel not enough people besides loyal RockBand players and some GH know of Pro mode and what it can really do.

    Now with all that said, I been wanting Prince in the game since the first RockBand. Has to include "When Doves Cry" and "Purple Rain" anything after those songs is just extra.
  • Killik_13Killik_13 Opening Act
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    Oh absolutely would love this, especially as you say with Keyboards now. But as Death50 says, he's one of the most protective artists when it comes to licensing music. It would be a miracle, but I'd love the whole Purple Rain album, "Little Red Corvette", "Raspberry Beret", "Kiss", "1999" & "Delirious".
  • NumskullNumskull Road Warrior
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    Something else you guys have to remember: Prince says the internet is over. So, really, there's no point in posting this here. Send him a telegram or something.
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