djh556djh556 Unsigned
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i am having a problem with the leaderboards my points are not updating when my score improves Is This feature disabled along with the store? Thanks donna:o


  • polkanunspolkanuns Opening Act
    edited June 2011
    Is this still an issue?

    For me, there is always a delay before my score updates; sometimes up to 8 hours. And sometimes it updates immediately.

    TIP: Usually, my improved % will update immediately (even when my score does not) so I can tell that the performance registered.
  • GNFfhqwhgadsGNFfhqwhgads 99% Washed Up
    edited June 2011
    Yeah, percent usually updates immediately. Place should be accurate right away, number-wise, not list position-wise. Scores, gotta wait.
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