Black Tide & how they have fallen off the proverbial cliff of greatness

SnitskySnitsky Road Warrior
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I'm sure alot of you know who Black Tide is , they have 3 songs on RB

Well anyway they have some new songs out and most recently a song called "Walking deadman"

This is a topic to discuss how shocked I am at their fall from greatness



I'd describe them as

Before : Iron Maiden + Metallica had a baby

After : Bullet For My Valentine got wasted and then hooked up with Nickelback and had a baby

How the hell they could have fallen so far is ridiculous to me

If they had continued in the general style they were doing before , they could have gone down in history as the saviors of metal or something but now they have conformed to be like many of the others who crank out mostly mediocrity :confused:

Really dissapointing....


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