One Morning Left are awesome.

ShibariShibari Opening Act
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Somebody needs to get this awesome finnish electro/crabcore/post-hardcore/whatever band on Rock Band. I would contact them myself but I don't have enough knowledge about how everything works to do that.

Just listen to their newest single off their upcoming album. It would be fantastic in Rock Band, just like any other song of theirs. They are also on Spinefarm Records, just like Amberian Dawn so their label shouldn't be a massive problem (hopefully)



  • zemanator1zemanator1 Unsigned
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    it would be. I'd talk to rockgamer, since they are the ones doing amberian dawn, although i think that project is more cause the band wanted to do it, not cause the label wanted to. I could be wrong though

    blood coming from their mouths without reason ruins the video, however...
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