Name that chart!

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So this is an idea that's been kicking around upstairs for a little while now. I think it might be fun to play a sequential style game where you name the Rock Band song based on a screenshot of its chart.

It might be impossibly difficult. I don't know. Maybe a screenshot of a chart just is hopelessly not enough information to identify the song. This could be mitigated somewhat by offering hints ("it's an RB2 on-disc song" or "it's a Bob Marley DLC song" or anything). But still, it might be too hard to be feasible.

Also, taking a screenshot of the game and getting it on the web isn't an instantaneous thing. And not everyone has the technology to do it. So that might limit it some more. I could provide all the screenshots, but it would be guitar or keys only (I don't have a drum controller).

Anyone interested? I think it could be fun if it got off the ground.


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