My Rock Band 4 Setlist, Tell Me What You Think?

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Here's what I've been working on for around a month or so. Tell me what ya think. I couldn't of much in the 60's or 10's though.

^ - Denotes Keys
* - Denotes Harmonies
' - One or More Instruments Are Missing

60's: 8 Songs
Sugar, Sugar^* - The Archies (Pop-Rock)
Sympathy For The Devil^* – The Rolling Stones (Classic Rock)
Sunshine Of Your Love^ – Cream (Classic Rock)
21st Century Schizoid Man^* – King Crimson (Prog) (Trumpet to Keys)
Cousin Kevin* – The Who (Classic Rock)
San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)^ - Scott McKenzie (Classic Rock)
Hit The Road Jack^* - Ray Charles (R&B/Soul/Funk)
My Girl^* - The Temptations (R&B/Soul/Funk) (Horns to Keys)

70's: 14 Songs
I Want You To Want Me (Live)Cheap Trick (Classic Rock)
Love Gun* – Kiss (Classic Rock)
Lola* – The Kinks (Classic Rock)
Fly By Night^ – Rush (Prog)
Sultans Of SwingDire Straits (Classic Rock)
Children Of The GraveBlack Sabbath (Metal)
Drift Away* – The Doobie Brothers (Classic Rock)
Why Can't We Be Friends?^* - War (Classic Rock)
Seven Seas Of Ryhe^* - Queen (Classic Rock)
Rocket Man^* – Elton John (Classic Rock)
Double Vision^* - Foreigner (Classic Rock)
American Pie^ - Don McLean (Classic Rock)
Rock N Roll Suicide^ - David Bowie (Glam)
Long Distance Runaround^ - Yes (Prog)

80's: 19 Songs
Gangland - Iron Maiden (Metal)
Jump^* - Van Halen (Rock)
Welcome Home* (Sanitarium) – Metallica (Metal)
UHF^* – Weird Al (Novelty)
Paradise City^* – Guns N' Roses (Classic Rock)
Fascination Street^ – The Cure (New Wave)
Angel Of DeathSlayer (Metal)
Video Killed The Radio Star^* - Buggles (New Wave)
Uptown Girl^* – Billy Joel (Classic Rock)
Turning Japanese^* – The Vapors (New Wave)
The Stroke* – Billy Squier (Classic Rock)
Play With Me* - Extreme (Metal)
Mommy's Little Monster* – Social Distortion (Punk)
Eagle Fly Free^* - Helloween (Metal)
Jack And DianeJohn Mellencamp (Pop-Rock)
Tainted Love^* - Soft Cell (New Wave)
Home Sweet Home^* - Mötley Crüe (Metal)
You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)^* - Dead Or Alive (New Wave)
Girls Just Want To Have Fun^ - Cyndi Lauper (Pop-Rock)

90's: 21 Songs
Sex And CandyMarcy Playground (Alternative)
Them Bones* - Alice In Chains (Grunge)
Cowboys From Hell* - Pantera (Metal)
Iris* – The Goo Goo Dolls (Alternative)
Pull Me Under^* – Dream Theater (Prog)
Sweating Bullets* – Megadeth (Metal)
The Distance^* - Cake (Alternative)
Surprise! You're Dead!* – Faith No More (Rock)
Avalancha* – Heroes Del Silencio (Rock)
SnotDeadfall (Punk)
Wish^ - Nine Inch Nails (Rock)
Ænima* – Tool (Metal)
Date Rape^ - Sublime (Ska/Reggae) (Horns to Keys)
The Impression That I Get^* – Mighty Mighty Bosstones (Ska/Reggae)
Soul Doubt* - NOFX (Punk)
Rusty Nail^* – X-Japan (Prog)
Virtual Insanity^ - Jamiroquai (Pop-Rock)
Four Walled World* – Temple Of The Dog (Grunge)
Smooth^* - Santana (Pop-Rock)
Something Like That^* - Tim McGraw (Country)
Freak On A Leash^ - Korn (Nu-Metal)

00's: 26 Songs
One Last Breath* - Creed (Rock)
Survive* - Rise Against (Punk)
Vermilion^* - Slipknot (Metal)
Vindicated* - Dashboard Confessional (Emo)
The Kid's Don't Stand A Chance^* - Vampire Weekend (Indie Rock)
Dead!* - My Chemical Romance (Emo)
Teenage Dirtbag* - Wheatus (Pop-Rock)
All That I've Got^* - The Used (Emo)
Be My Escape^* - Relient K (Pop-Rock)
Sequoia Throne* - Protest The Hero (Prog)
Drive* - Incubus (Alternative)
Brianstorm* - Arctic Monkeys (Alternative)
Chelsea Dagger* - The Fratellis (Indie Rock)
May The Rain^* - Ceasers (Indie Rock)
The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle* – A Day To Remember (Punk)
I Don't Want To Be* - Gavin DeGraw (Pop-Rock)
Helicopter* - Bloc Party (Indie Rock)
Straight To Video^* - Mindless Self Indulgence (Electronic/Dance/Pop)
.44 Magnum OpusExodus (Metal)
Deadbolt^* - Thrice (Alternative)
Obstacle 1* - Interpol (Indie Rock)
Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya^* - Dropkick Murphys (Punk) (Accordion to Keys)
Six Days A Week* – The Bronx (Punk)
Youth Of A Nation^* - P.O.D. (Nu-Metal)
Never Miss A Beat^* - Kaiser Chiefs (Indie Rock)
Blooddrunk^* - Children Of Bodom (Metal)

10's: 5 Songs
Crying Blue^' – Jimi Hendrix (Classic Rock)
Lonely^* - Pepper (Ska/Reggae)
Lynchmob^* - KMFDM (Metal)
Cryin' Like A Bi**hGodsmack (Nu-Metal)
Not Ready To Die^* - Avenged Sevenfold (Metal)

Total: 93 Songs


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