Magma can't locate my xbox.

AikojAikoj Unsigned
edited June 2011 in The Rock Band Network
I've checked every single result in google so I know all those.
I port forwarded 3074 UDP
I plugged in my ethernet cable
I reset my wireless
I reinstalled Magma (too many times to count -_-)
My subnet is all the same
I turned my MAC Filter and Firewall off and nothing changed either (just in case)

It's annoying me into the ground, you have no idea...
Please just a little help or suggestions, I'm open to anything at this point o_o

My xbox connects perfectly to my PC according to the test on network settings.

Big edit: I tested with another computer in my house and it worked perfectly from there.
So it's a computer problem, not router, but I really have no idea what that problem is, any idea?


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