Diss tracks

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best diss tracks?

2pac - Hit Em' Up(diss to the whole east coast): obviously....he already wins the battle,but then brings his buddies from the Outlawz to kick and spit on Biggie.that's just cold.

Eminem - Girls(Limp Bizkit diss),The Sauce(Benzino diss),Nail In The Coffin(Benzino diss),The Warning(Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon diss),Haile's Revenge(Ja Rule diss),I Remember(Everlast diss),Can-I-B****(Canibus diss),but most of all - Quitter(Everlast diss): the most vicious diss Eminem has ever recorded. listen to the lyrics. he also brings in his buddies from D12 to beat on Everlast after he was already beaten.

diss tracks aren't only in Rap:

Megadeth - Liar(Chris Poland diss): extremely vile
John Lennon - How Do You Sleep?(Paul Mccartney diss)
Slipknot - Get This(entire West Coast Metal scene diss)
Slipknot - Butcher's Hook("Emo Band" diss)


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