Any bands looking for FREE album cover designs???

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My name is Joe Zambri a Graphic Designer from Toronto, Canada and a fellow fan and forum browser of Rock Band. I am just starting out as a Graphic Designer and need some experience in the field f there are any bands out there who are in need of an album cover I will be honoured to design it for you... or even authoring groups in need of brand identity.

After the next couple of artworks I am finishing I will no longer be working for free.
The album covers and projects I am reffering to are Gigakoops- Missing Chromosones, Sky Pie- Self Titled, Daningmarockers logo and the third age of psiber knights book. After these I will start charging.

The fees will work out this way.
-It will be $50 as a flat rate. (This 50 Dollars is to guarantee that you are on board to let me design your work and that the client won't jump ship)
-ThenI will send some concept sketches and works in progress which will cost an additional 50.
-At this point you decide whether you are going want the finished project or to abandon the project. Keep in mind that you have already paid 100 dollars after the concepts and sketches.
-Once the artwork is finshed it will cost 100 dollars additional for the finished product. (This package will include PDF's, TIFFs, Raw Files and JPEG's all the process work and a fantastic finished piece.
-All in all the entire process costs $200. THis may appear to be a bit pricy but it is fairly reasonable and makes alot of sense if you look at it. Graphic Designers need to get paid to.

y style of art is inspired by artists Reymond Pettibon (black Flag) and Art Chantry (Grunge Scene) My artwork provides a unique retro look to it which is lacking in alot of modern album covers... I know this is the wrong sort of place for me to post this... but I figured that some people involved with the Rock Band Network are in bands.

Some of the bands and forum browsers I have worked with so far include:
Latenight Symphony
The Fenton Project
Nathaniel Whitlock
Askari Nari
Sky Pie
The Sonship Collective
Triumphant Bass Productions (Brand Identity)
Age Of Psiber Knights (Book Covers)


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