In Your Opinion: The Best of RBN 2.0 (So Far)

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Rock Band Network has been in 2.0 mode for more than 3 months now, and some great tracks have been released.

I've really been enjoying reliable pro drums, vocal harmonies, and some of the funnest pro keys charts available in the platform. Here are some of the tracks with RBN 2.0 features that I've especially dug:

-Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee) A great way to kick off RBN 2.0. Silly and fun on keys.

-Anamanaguchi - Airbrushed What's a chiptune? I didn't know until I heard this great "instrumental"

-Quartered - Africa (RB3 Version) Great song, and deserved its pro drums update (now where's my updated Scale the Summit?)

-the Walkmen - Angela Surf City Technically no RBN 2.0 features 'sides pro drums. Still, great tune. Moar Walkmenz, plz!

-Ultra Saturday - Dawn of the Condoms I initially disregarded this song due to the ridiculous title, but it's fantastic! Like a catchier and less annoying Blink 182. And that bass solo at the end is hysterical. Zombies Are Coming Out Tonight is great too.

-Drugstore Fanatics - Hangman Not a lot of RBN 2.0 features, but just an amazing sounding song. I listened to it like 8 times in a row.

-the Pauses - Go North Great alterna-pop song in the vein of Rilo Kiley or maybe Metric. Easy but enjoyable on keys.

-the Motion Sick - 30 Lives Sweet and goofy song about the infamous Konami code. Very polished and sincere for a song that could easily have been mired in video game referencing goofiness.

Well, that's what I've purchased so far from RBN 2.0. What fantastic songs have you discovered since the update?

[Note: Ultra Saturday, Drugstore Fanatics, and Motion Sick are only buck apiece! Check 'em out!]


  • DragoonXDDragoonXD Road Warrior
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    My favorite songs are "Trying Hard" by Loni Rose, "The Window" by Raven Quinn, "Good Things" by Hella Donna, and "Fallen Into You" by Kings Queens & Fairytales. I'm a drummer first (guitarist second), so keys and harmonies mean very little to me, just comes down to how much I like the song(s).
  • SeymourDuncan17SeymourDuncan17 Road Warrior
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    Eh. I'm not getting the extreme love for 30 Lives. At all.


    Dawn of the Condoms - Ultra Saturday (The song that got me wanting to check out the band and they're awesome. Clever, fun song.)

    Rocket Car - Robotmakers (We could always use more New Wave, which I have a huge soft spot for. "It's not safe, but hey, it's a rocket car!")

    Empire - Jukebox the Ghost (This is the first time I've ever boughten a CD from a RBN band and I do not regret it in the slightest. This particular song is so amazingly good. Catchy, lovable vocals and very fun keys.)

    Prototype Death Machine - Bonded In Blood (I actually bought this over Betus Blues today because it just sounded so fun. Sadly, the guitar chart is pretty annoying, at least atm, but the song is so awesome I just don't care. Haven't enjoyed a metal jam from the RBN this much since probably Demon Hunter's Collapsing.)
  • kingtonyxkingtonyx Unofficial
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    The only RBN 2.0 songs I've bought so far are "Better Off This Way" and "Burning Hearts". Those are both pretty good.
  • MegaIronDragonDethMegaIronDragonDeth Post Ratio > 3 a Day
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    One track is Diachylon by Chaotrope, but IMO there was some good Amberian Dawn and Blackguard released when RBN became 2.0.
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    My favorites so far have been:

    Zombies!! (Coming Out Tonight) - Ultra Saturday: Only a buck and has 2 great key solos and an all around great song.

    Fight For Greatness - Bloom: again only a buck and super fun on pro-keys. I hope we get more from this band.

    Empire - Jukebox the Ghost: I agree with everything SeymourDuncan17 said. All of the songs they have on the RBN are great but this is the best one.

    You Will Leave A Mark - A Silent Film: All around awesome song

    Pac-Man Fever - Buckner and Garcia: Who says the RBN doesn't have any 80's cheese.
  • ZorrkiZorrki Unsigned
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    From what's released on PS3 I'd have to say Airbrushed.
  • atalkingfishatalkingfish Opening Act
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    Some of the songs I think are the best of all time from the RBN2.0:

    "Schizophrenia" by Jukebox the Ghost
    All of the JtG songs are great listens and plays, but this one is exceptionally fun to play.

    "Veil of Illumination" by Andromeda
    Very difficult but very awesome on every instrument

    "Dreamchaser" by Amberian Dawn
    Awesome guitar/keys duel

    "Bed Intruder Song" by the Gregory Brothers

    "Curse of the Werewolf" by Timeless Miracle
    I wasn't really sure when I bought it, but it is now one of my favorite songs to play

    "Chameleon Carneval" by Andromeda
    A great instrumental for every instrument (except vocals, of course)
  • CJHobbesCJHobbes Road Warrior
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    All of Amberian Dawn, plus "Trying Hard" by Loni Rose and "Curse of the Werewolf" by Timeless Miracle.
  • LunaticSoulLunaticSoul Rising Star
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    Fight For Greatness - Bloom, amazing song. Can't wait to play the Harmonies..And that drum part, ahhhhhwwww.

    Veil of Illumination - Andromeda, this song is just..Aehm, random. That's what we love about these stereotyped typical Prog-Power groups. :p

    Airbrushed - Anamanaguchi, this song is so full of chiptune-win. Wow.

    So far, I've been loving RBN2, and there is more Prog glory on its way (Rishloo, more TesseracT/Andromeda, Vangough..), though I'm on PS3 so I have to wait more :(
  • DarkEternal37DarkEternal37 Road Warrior
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    Bloom - Fight For Greatness
    A Silent Film - You Will Leave a Mark
    Anamanaguchi - Airbrushed

    Those have been my favorites thus far that have released for PS3. I'm dying for:

    A Skylit Drive - Too Little Too Late (They are my favorite band next to Coheed so this needs to happen and now.)
    A Day To Remember - Better off this Way

    I would consider that to be my top 5 so far.
  • HeyRilesHeyRiles Besse's Girl
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    It's easily You Will Leave A Mark
  • FlyGuyLXIFlyGuyLXI Headl!ner
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    I've only have purchased 7 tracks since it re-opened and the only one I regularly come back to is "Schizophrenia".
  • LiveHomeVideoLiveHomeVideo Trying too hard
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    My favorites from RBN2.0:

    Eifel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee)
    Timeless Miracle - Curse of the Werewolf
    Rishloo - River of Glass
    Blackguard - This Round's On Me
    Jukebox the Hero - Half Crazy
    dB Soundworks - Battle of the Little Slugger (Remix)
    Amberian Dawn - Dreamchaser
    Andromeda - Veil of Illumination (both parts)

    Hell, that's all my RBN2.0 songs. I don't get MSP often enough, but I like all the songs I've gotten so far.
  • The FriskThe Frisk Opening Act
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    Some of my favorites:
    His Statue Falls - Give it Up! Give it Up!
    I Am Cassettes - The Exit
    Bayside - Sick Sick Sick
    Anamanguchi - Airbrushed
    Blessthefall - What's Left of Me (I know it lacks keys, and I don't sing so harmonies don't effect me, but I love this song)

    I have a few other songs; the Rose of Jericho ones, Mercury Blooming, Too Little Too Late, Pressure Cooker, Blue, and some Rishloo song. But I rarely play those as much as the ones listed above.
  • PaperMario21PaperMario21 Road Warrior
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    Eiffel 65 - Blue (huge song for RBN)

    DB Soundworks (Super Meat Boy stuff)

    Magnus Opus (chip tune goodness)

    Andromeda songs

    Curse of the Werewolf


    some good stuff in there.
  • NoThru22NoThru22 Road Warrior
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    Ship With No Sails by Neonfly will easily make this list when it releases tomorrow.

    Arctica and Dreamchaser by Amberian Dawn, among a few of their other songs.

    The Andromeda songs.
  • LensnartLensnart Opening Act
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    For someone that is not into metal there has been very little on RBN that has really grabbed me and absolutely nothing for quite a few months. But there are some gems for people willing to wade through the mountains of questionable choices.

    Band of Horses - All the songs are good but Funeral is easily my favourite.

    Sleater Kinney - I am glad we have RBN if only because it got me three more tracks from my favourite band of all time.

    Of Montreal - Challenging to sing but a cool groove.

    Last Train To Awesome Town - FIVE DIFFERENT NACHOS!!!!
  • sieesiee Road Warrior
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    RBN2.0 ^

    A Silent Film, Blessthefall, Ill Nino, A Day to Remember and Jukebox the Ghost just to name a few.
  • mrroper02mrroper02 Unsigned
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    'You Will Leave a Mark' is my favorite, so far. I'm on PS3 so it's a little bit of a lag. I actually bought 'Half Crazy' to try to encourage the other Jukebox songs over to PS3. I try to listen to all the preview videos and if the song sounds good and chart looks fun I'll give it a try.
  • joescorpionjoescorpion Opening Act
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    Eiffel 65- BLue
    Anamanaguchi- Airbrushed
    Insomniac Games- Pinballz
    Rishloo- River Of Glass
    Rishloo- Katashushika
    Magnus 'SoulEye' P
  • stigdustigdu Opening Act
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    The 3 I've been playing over and over lately are:

    Lost Soul - Amberian Dawn
    You Will Leave a Mark - A Silent Film
    Half-Crazy - Jukebox the RentaGhost

    I'm on PS3.
  • Coltfan1223Coltfan1223 Rising Star
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    Bloom- Fight for Greatness
    Antoine Dodson and the Gregory Brothers- Bed Intruder Song
    Silverstein- Burning Hearts

    Soon to join the list:

    Chiodos- Caves
    Pierce the Veil- Caraphrenilia
    Circa Survive- Difference Between Poision and Medicine
  • victimsofadownvictimsofadown Opening Act
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    Taproot - Fractured (one of my favorite bands for several years, and I love the song)
    Parry Grip - Spaghetti Cat (short, sweet, and still makes me laugh every time)
    Antoine Dodson and the Gregory Brothers - The Bed Intruder (great song, but the 7 month wait time between reveal and release hindered my excitement and enjoyment of the song :()
    Eiffel 65 - Blue (Great song, fun to play at parties... goes on for a bit too long)

    In that order.
  • dansolodansolo Rising Star
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    A lot of great ones have been released (ps3) but You Will Leave A Mark is the best
    edited July 2011
    There has been great new content for the game and most is so good, i've brought an MP3 of the song and stuck it on my iPod.

    The only slight negative is that there's too many (2x Bass Pedal) songs. This wouldn't be so bad if these were not counted as separate songs, but they are. In theory they shouldn't count as a separate song because it is still the same master tracks, and the same license.

    My favourite RBN songs since RBN 2.0 launch:

    Alien Ant Farm - Glow
    Andromeda - Veil of Illumination
    Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee)
    Jukebox the Ghost - Empire
    Kings, Queens and Fairytales - Fallen into You
    The Motion Sick - 30 Lives
    Seether - Country Song
  • bjyaritzbjyaritz Road Warrior
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    It will be Free Spirit's "Pale Sister of Light" album.
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