some classic and modern rock suggestions

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Just a few suggestions:
Ive seen a few of these mentioned by other people but decided to make a list of my own. I put them in 3s to facilitate download packs. :)

Cream/Eric Clapton pack
- Crossroads
- White Room
- Layla

Allman Brothers Pack
- Blue Sky
- One Way Out
- Ramblin Man

Steely Dan (can you say awesome guitar)
- Do it Again(man that sitar in the middle would be awesome to play)
- Reeling in the Years

Rolling Stones
- Satisfaction
- Sympathy for the Devil
- Heartbreaker

Jimi Hendrix
- Crosstown Traffic
- Hey Joe (some amazing drum work in this one too)
- All Along the Watchtower

- Pride
- One Tree Hill
- In Gods Country (Early Edge guitar at its best)

-Thunderstruck (from the amount of youtube video's of this song being modded into GH2, I imagine I'm not alone in this request.)
- Fire Your Guns
- Shoot to Thrill

Lynard Skynard
- Simple Man
- Freebird
- Sweet Home Alabama

Dire Straits
- Money for Nothing
- Sultans of Swing
- Walk of Life

The Eagles
- Hotel California
- Take it Easy
- Peaceful Easy Feeling

Bad Religion
- Sorrow
- Infected
- 21st Century Digital Boy

- Want You Bad
- Kids Aren't All Right
- Original Prankster

- Evil Ways
- Black Magic Woman
- Smooth

Creedence Clearwater Revival (Two more to make it a pack)
- I heard it through the grape vine
- Bad Moon Rising


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