Possible Setlists (For All Bands on Mayhem Festival 2011)

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This is for people that are going to Mayhem Festival this year.. and are trying to find a good setlist for all bands (be it some bands aren't playing some tour dates) and want the setlist for that band so they have an idea of what they can listen to for getting ready to see those bands, so ima have a list of what you cant expect to see the bands to play.

Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival Main Stage:
(Dethklok Setlist, judged by recent setlist from 2009, San Bernardino, CA only)
1. Deththeme,
2. Bloodlines,
3. Burn the Earth,
4. Hatredcopter,
5. Black Fire Upon Us,
6. Birthday Dethday,
7. Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle,
8. Dethsupport,
9. Awaken,
10. The Gears,
11. Murmaider,
12. Thunderhorse,
13. Go Into The Water,
14. Fansong

(Disturbed Setlist, judged by recent concert setlists)
1. Remnants
2. Asylum
3. The Game
4. Prayer
5. Liberate
6. The Animal
7. Inside the Fire
8. Warrior
9. Another Way to Die
10. Haunted
11. Stupify
12. Ten Thousand Fists
13. Indestructible
14. Down With the Sickness

(Godsmack Setlist, judged by recent concert setlists)
1. Awake
2. War and Peace
3. The Enemy
4. Forever Shamed
5. Bad Magick
6. Keep Away
7. Speak
8. Voodoo
9. Love-Hate-Sex-Pain
10. Bad Religion
11. Cryin' Like a *****
12. Straight Out of Line
13. Whatever
14. I Stand Alone

(Megadeth Setlist, judged by recent concert setlists + Big 4 setlists, may include other songs from Peace Sells... But Whos Buying, instead of some songs)
1. Trust
2. In My Darkest Hour
3. Hangar 18
4. Wake Up Dead
5. Head Crusher
6. Rattlehead
7. Symphony of Destruction
8. Peace Sells
9. Holy Wars... (The Punishment Due)

Rotating Stage Slots
(Machine Head Setlist: really hard to judge seeing how Machine Head hasn't toured in over a full year..)
Machine Head:
1. Locust
2. Imperium
3. Ten Ton Hammer
4. Beautiful Mourning
5. Aesthetics of Hate
6. Halo
7. Davidian
8. The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears

(In Flames Setlist, judged by recent concert setlists)
In Flames:
1. Cloud Connected
2. Trigger
3. Alias
4. Pinball Map
5. Deliver Us
6. Only For the Weak
7. Disconnected
8. The Mirror's Truth
9. Where the Dead Ships Dwell
10. Come Clarity
11. The Quiet Place
12. Take This Life
13. My Sweet Shadow

1. In Waves
2. Rain
3. A Gunshot to The Head of Trepidation
4. Like Light to the Flies
5. Black
6. The Deceived
7. Suffocating Sight
8. Ember to Inferno
9. Down From The Sky
10. Throes of Perdition
11. Dusk Dismantled
12. Pull Harder On The Strings of Your Martyr

(Testament Setlist: San Bernardino, CA; and Mountain View, CA only... judged by American Carnage 2010 tour setlist);
1. For The Glory Of...
2. More Than Meets The Eye
3. Dog Faced Gods
4. The New Order
5. Practice What You Preach
6. Into The Pit
7. D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)
8. 3 Days in Darkness,
9. The Formation of Damnation

(Hatebreed Setlist, judged by recent concert setlists, only playing Chicago, IL; Detroit, MI, and Indianapolis, IN)
1. Hands of A Dying Man
2. In Ashes They Shall Reap
3. Merciless Tide
4. Everyone Bleeds Now
5. As Diehard As They Come
6. Never Let It Die
7. This Is Now
8. Defeatist
9. I Will Be Heard
10. Live For This
11. Destroy Everything

Jagermeister Mobile Stage
(Unearth Setlist: judged by recent concert setlists)
1. The Great Dividers
2. My Will Be Done
3. Crow Killer
4. This Lying World
5. Endless
6. One Step Away
7. This Glorious Nightmare
8. Black Hearts Now Reign

(Kingdom of Sorrow setlist, judged by recent concert setlists)
Kingdom of Sorrow:
1. Behind The Blackest Tears
2. Led Into Demise
3. Enlightened to Extinction
4. Hear This Prayer For Her
5. Begging For The Truth
6. Monuments of Ash
7. Free The Fallen
8. Piece It All Back Together
9. Buried In Black

(Red Fang Setlist, judged by recent concert setlists)
1. Reverse Thunder
2. Sharks
3. Malverde
4. Wires
5. Into The Eye
6. Humans Remain. Human Remains
7. Good to Die
8. Prehistoric Dog

(Suicide Silence Setlist, judged by recent concert setlists)
Suicide Silence:
1. Wake Up
2. Unanswered
3. You Only Live Once
4. Smoke
5. Lifted
6. Bludgeoned to Death
7. **** Everything
8. Disengage
9. No Pity For A Coward

(All Shall Perish Setlist, judged by recent concert setlists)
All Shall Perish:
1. There Is No Business To Be Done On A Dead Planet
2. Stabbing To Purge Dissimulation
3. When Life Meant More
4. Gagged, Bound, Shelved and Forgotten
5. Never Again
6. Eradication
7. Day of Justice
8. Wage Slaves

(Straight Line Stitch Setlist, judged by recent concert setlists)
Straight Line Stitch
1. Tear Down The Sky
2. Adult Cinema
3. Never See The Day
4. Taste of Ashes
5. What You Do to Me
6. Bar Room Brawl
7. Black Veil
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