DLC Week of 7/12 - Singles from P.O.D., Erasure & Frankie Goes to Hollywood!

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Hey gang,

Next week's DLC contains 4 singles: 2 from P.O.D. and 1 track each from Erasure and Frankie Goes to Hollywood, both brand new entries to the RB library! A nice mix of variety and, of course, the all important addition of "Relax". Enjoy!

Available on Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation®3 system (July 12*):

• Erasure – “A Little Respect”
• Frankie Goes to Hollywood – “Relax (Come Fighting)”
• P.O.D. – “Boom” X
• P.O.D. – “Youth of the Nation”

These tracks will be available for purchase as individual tracks on Xbox 360, PlayStation®3 system and Wii. Tracks marked with “X” will include Pro Guitar and Pro Bass expansions for $0.99 per song.

*Tracks are expected to release July 13th in Sony Europe


$1.99 USD, £.99 UK, €1.49 EU (160 Microsoft Points) per song
$2.00 USD (200 Wii Points™) per song
$0.99 USD (100 Wii Points/80 Microsoft Points), £0.59 UK, €0.79 EU per song for eligible Pro Guitar/Pro Bass upgrade

** Dates for Rock Band game tracks are tentative and subject to change. **

To discuss this DLC please visit the official discussion thread in the Rock Band forum.

For all DLC song credits, including album and genre info as well as difficulty ratings, you can check out the Songs page.

And for awesome background information on this content, including recording details, album of origin, and release details you can head on over to the Rock Band 'Zine for brand new articles!

Rock Band Network releases will be listed below shortly. Check back soon!


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    Here's the Rock Band Network tracks that hit the store this week. Lots of amazing stuff, including tracks from Alien Ant Farm and Dillinger Escape Plan! Check 'em out!


    Alien Ant Farm - "Glow" (160 MSP)


    Casey James Prestwood - "Rebel On My Side" (160 MSP)


    Shylo Elliott - "Cool Concoction" (160 MSP)


    The Dillinger Escape Plan - "Farewell, Mona Lisa" (160 MSP)
    Fallen Angel - "Grant Me Peace" (160 MSP)
    Severed - "Envision" (160 MSP)
    White Wizzard - "Over the Top" (160 MSP)


    Christopher J. - "Dawn of Spring" (80 MSP)


    Child of Glass feat. Suela - "Fame Is Free" (160 MSP)


    Neonfly - "Ship With No Sails" (160 MSP)
    Neonfly - "Ship With No Sails (2x Bass Pedal)" (160 MSP)


    Bumblefoot - "Turn Around" (160 MSP)
    Chiodos - "Caves" (160 MSP)
    Conditions - "Better Life" (160 MSP)
    Standing Shadows - "Circus Freak" (160 MSP)

    And here's the RBN releases for the PS3, scheduled to hit the marketplace on Tuesday, 7/12/2011 (SCEA) and Wednesday, 7/13/2011 (SCEE):

    Andromeda - "Another Step" ($1.99)
    Asking Alexandria - "The Final Episode (Let's Change the Channel) (RB3 version)" ($1.99)
    Bluefusion - "Andromeda" ($0.99)
    Seether - "Country Song" ($1.99)
    Tina Guo - "Queen Bee" ($1.99)
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