Offbeat News

Greetings RB Community!

We are jumping in a little late to the “New and Releases” party on these forums but have built up enough songs over the last year that it’s time we did.

Offbeat Entertainment was born from within a game development studio full of musicians. We have since built the song authoring team to 10 folks and have been starting to recruit more and more bands into the game. Our focus is to bring a large variety of music to Rock Band with everything from Punk to Funk to Blues to Country to even electric cellos ;)

If you want to learn more about Offbeat, check out this blog from Harmonix.

Our full list of released songs can be found on our web site:

We will use this forum to post about news and song releases from Offbeat Entertainment but you can also follow us at the normal places:


We’ve lined up some exciting new artists for 2012 and Rock Band Network. Hope you guys have as much fun playing their songs as we have had charting them!


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