Want Resistance 3 Beta Codes? MSP? Enter The "(pin)Ballz" Battle of the Bands Today!

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To celebrate the release of "(pin)Ballz" on PS3, I'm kicking off a battle of the bands competition. The rules are simple, just enter the battle here, and if you are one of the top five players when the battle is over, you'll win a code for access to the Resistance 3 beta.

You may be thinking, "Hey, I'm an XBox player, how come you never gave us a contest?". Don't worry, I've got you covered. Since Resistance 3 is a PS3 exclusive, I can't give you a beta code, but I do have 160 MSP codes for the top two players in the XBox version of this battle found here

So come hang out with Ratchet and Clank, Rock Resistance in Burbank, you can even win by playing "(pin)Ballz"

The winners will be notified early next week.

Beta and MSP Codes courtesy of Insomniac Games and AGL Solutions respectively.
Be sure to follow @TriumphantBass on twitter for news on upcoming songs.

I'm setting this up a bit early just to give you guys the heads up, the battles don't go live until late tommorow night/Tuesday morning. Once they do, I'll link them here and they'll run for a week.


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