NEW CHILDREN OF BODOM SONG (Cob fans rejoice!) lol

tmanrockstmanrocks Rising Star
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The song is called "Tie my rope"

Listen to the whole thing free at their myspace at the provided link

Also , ZOMG It sounds like they are going more toward their older style, it doesn't sound like the music off are you dead yet? Well not exactly anyway , point is it looks like their next album will be better than the last one was



  • AlocerAlocer Unsigned
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    Well yes and no. Although they did add a bit more keyboard than their latest albums, I tend to think they're still pretty close to a Hatecrew Deathroll sound. Mostly with the guitars. Yup, listening to it again and it's definately a Hatecrew Deathroll sound.

    They gave in to a more "brutal" genre, and got a bit less melodic than their Follow the Reaper days.

    Personally if they could come up with Hatebreeder-like stuff again that'd make my year.
  • newwaytodienewwaytodie Road Warrior
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    I hope not. Sacrificing musical talent to appease fans of "barely music metal"? No thanks.
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