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If I remember correctly an Authoring Group said that they were going to release "Bloodemeat" along with other Protest songs. Is this still going on cause I believe they had quite a few bands I was looking forward to. Can't remember which group was doing it though


  • LiveHomeVideoLiveHomeVideo Trying too hard
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    I think it was the group "ThatAuthoringGroup." And as far as I know, it's still in progress.
  • TheDescentTheDescent Road Warrior
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    From what I get, they kinda stepped back from RBN authoring since guitar hero died... (it's either them or simply their management) so I guess they're a little bit skeptical about this whole thing.

    Or probably I'm totally wrong. :D
  • ZemanatorZemanator Rising Star
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    descent is pretty close, they, along with multiple other bands, went completely silent after GH died. there's still a chance they'll come back around, but dont get your hopes up, there's nothing in the works right now
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    Just to put an 'official' stamp on this :

    As has been stated there were multiple bands (and even labels) that was very excited about the prospect of working with us to get material into the game via RBN.

    After GH went down, HMX was sold, and the media reports that the genre was 'dead' (we all know it's still here but it isn't the billion dollar industry it was a few years ago), those bands/label mentioned above went dark on us.

    No hey we want to wait and see this out to see what happens, no we think we're gonna reverse our decision to come to the game, no anything. Just absolute silence and a complete break in any communications with us.

    Now last we heard from these parties was hey lets do this, and we haven't heard anything to the contrary (as I said we've heard nothing at all), but it's now been over six months with no contact (despite repeated attempts on our end). So while we have never had an official no we're not doing this from any of these bands/labels, I'd say at this point consider it not happening until further notice.
  • Chopper13Chopper13 Opening Act
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    That's disappointing to hear, but thanks for the answer
  • ExayleExayle Road Warrior
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    A damn shame, to be sure.
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