More Glam Band Songs (especially bands RBN doesn't have)

BlazingSkyBlazingSky Unsigned
edited July 2011 in Your Ultimate Setlist
The so called glam bands are so underrated, and left out because their talent is not taken seriously, because of the way they dressed, and acted. But they have made some of the best songs in the history of rock music without question. Anyway, lets list all the songs you want on pay and play, or future RockBand games. Bands like Cinderella, Dokken, Slaughter, Winger, Scorpions, Kingdom Come, Aldo Nova, Danger Danger, Firehouse, Great White, and Giant, have been left out. And I like to see more songs by Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Skid Row, Ratt, and so forth. What about your bands and songs?


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