Sumerian Records must allow some Born of Osiris to be put on RBN, surely!

LBN_AnimosityLBN_Animosity Unsigned
edited July 2011 in The Rock Band Network
I am a big fan of pretty much anything Sumerian Records have put out in the past, however long they've been going on for, and RBN has seen alot of their line-ups material being transcribed and put onto the RBN marketplace.

However, there are TWO huge Sumerian acts that have yet to have anything put onto RBN, or anything said about them having anything on RBN for that matter.

Those two bands ar BORN OF OSIRIS and THE FACELESS, and as far as I know, both of these bands would have amazing charts on RB, just like their labelmates Periphery, After the Burial and Veil of Maya.

So just curious as to why After The Burial, Veil of Maya, Asking Alexandria and Periphery all have a multitude of content, yet there's nothing about Born Of Osiris or The Faceless.

PLEASE tell me there's some in the works, because that'd actually make my week.


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