Contact Japanese Band to Help Get Them Added to The Rock Band Network ^_^

JpopRockForeverJpopRockForever Unsigned
edited July 2011 in The Rock Band Network
I just got great news from someone at the Rock Band Network that said that Rock Band Network now support Japanese Bands. And we can help get them added by contacting them via their websites, email or fan clubs.

Tell them about the Rock Band Network, that you whould like to see them in it or what ever you decide as long as it's polite & kind. :) I'm gonna contact some right away & I'm looking forward to it. But I figure I'll put it out there because I believe that 'we the fans' can help Harmonix & Rock Band get bigger as well as bring great artists we love here which will help benefit us all, the fans, the artists & Rock Band. ^_^

EDIT: I meant to say Contact Japanese "Bands" in the headline. Forgot the S lol.


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