PS3 RBN: Band Difficulty and Country

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I maintain a spreadsheet of PS3 RBN releases and I was wondering if some of the info can be found anywhere besides the in-game store.

[*]Country: The only place I've seen this info is in the in-game store.
[*]Band Difficulty: There is a value listed on the website, but in the in-game store, when browsing by Difficulty, songs often show up in different categories. For example, the song "Alaska" by Between the Buried and Me is listed on the website as 5 dots (Nightmare). However, when browsing the in-game store, you actually have to go into the Moderate heading, and then there is a subheading for Nightmare, and this is where the song shows up. If you go directly into the Nightmare heading, it is not there. In my spreadsheet, I have been listing the difficulties as "X - XXXXXX/Y - YYYYYY", where the X's are the top-level difficulty, and the Y's are the subheading within that difficulty, so you can see that this happens a lot. I was wondering what caused this and how it's determined which category the song shows up in.

Note that I do have an account on, as that is where I'm getting the Subgenre info from.


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