Punk/Ska Setlist

NemamiahNemamiah Unsigned
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Authority Zero
  • La Surf
  • A Passage in Time (Live, Rhythm & Booze Album Version)
  • Good Old days
Bad Religion Catch 22 Chase Long Beach
  • Swing in C
Death By Stereo Dropkcik Murphys Face to Face The F-ups Lagwagon Letter Kills Lucky Boys Confusion Murder City Devils
  • That's What You Get
MxPx No Use for a Name Reel Big Fish
  • Join the Club
Street Dogs Streetlight Manifesto Suicide Machines Tsunami Bomb Union 13 Zebrahead


  • rocky713rocky713 Rising Star
    edited July 2011
    I think you could have selected better known songs. Especially for Reel Big Fish, you picked three of their lesser known hits. People may not buy this if there are so many lesser known songs on the game. And, when you say "punk", does this include classic punk? Clash, Violent Femmes, Sex Pistols, Dickies, so on and so forth? Or pop-punk, for that matter. If you're going to create a setlist, you need to keep in mind that there are going to be known songs on the disc for people to buy.

    And also, Streetlight Manifesto still has "Would You Be Impressed?" and "We Will Fall Togehter" that are good songs.
  • NemamiahNemamiah Unsigned
    edited July 2011
    This isn't really my "ultimate" setlist. It would take too long to do an ultimate setlist for me really, since I listen to almost everything. As for the Reel Big Fish songs, I selected them because they're lesser-known and Rock Band can be a way to discover new music as well as find the songs you already love. I make this set lists partly to start a conversation, too, and I like leaving something to be addressed so others can add to it. I will be adding more later, but since you mentioned the classic punk groups and pop-punk and the other Streetlight Manifesto songs, I will compile an ammendment to the list including all of these. I'm working on another setlist including songs from Phoenix, Metric and others, so don't be surprised if I don't do much more on this one after I amend it. I should have a solid amendment to the list up tomorrow or Monday. Thanks for the suggestions.
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