New Idea for a New Band-Centered Game! Rock Band People, Read my Perposal!

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A Michael Jackson Rock Band Game!!!!
A game centered on Michael Jackson! Michael Jackson the Exrerience was an awesome game, now here's rock band's chance to make it better. Have a game with Michael's songs, an avatar of him, & his dance moves. I mean, it's not that hard to consider, & the only game with an MJ song is Guitar Hero World Tour, & that's "Beat It."

I submit a songlist for consideration:

The Jackson 5/Jacksons (Early Years):
I Want You Back
The Love You Save
I'll Be There
Dancing Machine
Blame it on the Boogie
Can You Feel It
2300 Jackson Street
Rockin' Robin
Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)
Workin' Day & Night
(12 Songs)

Michael's Solo Years:

Off the Wall:
Don't Sop Til You Get Enough
Rock With You
(3 songs)

Wanna Be Starting Somethin'
The Girl is Mine (W/ Paul McCartney)
Beat It
Billie Jean
Human Nature
(6 songs)

The Way You Make Me Feel
Speed Demon (Maybe)
Another Part of Me
Man in the Mirror
I Just Can't Stop Loving You (w/ Siedah Garrett)
Dirty Diana
Smooth Criminal
Leave Me Alone
(9 songs)

Remember the Time
Heal the World
Black or White
Keep the Faith
(6 songs)

They Don't Care About Us
Earth Song
Come Together
(4 songs)

You Rock My World
(1 song)

Number Ones:
You Are Not Alone
Blood on the Dance Floor
(2 songs)

The Ultimate Collection:
Sunset Driver
(1 song)

This is it:
This is it
(1 song)

Hold My Hand
Hollywood Tonight
Keep Your Head Up
(I Can't Make It) Another Day
(5 songs)

We Are the World (USA for Africa, 1985), or We Are the World 25 for Haiti, 2010
Say, Say, Say (W/ Paul McCartney)

(52 songs in all)
(51 excluding "Speed Demon")
(50 excluding "Speed Demon" & "ABC", which is DLC for RB3)

If the Rock Band/Harmonix teams make this game, they could take out a few songs, but I wouldn't. They could make ABC a downoadable song like they did with those songs for Green Day Rock Band.

This game would be awesome, maybe they could do a dreamscape for the songs w/ Paul, & the songs for the Michael Album like they did w/ Beatles Rock Band.

Venue choises:
Wherever they performed in the jackson 5/Jacksons years
Mowtown 25, for Billie Jean
The Thriller/Victory Tour
The Bad Tour, Japan
The Dangerous Tour
the HIStory Tour
Michael's 30th anniversary concert for "You Rock My World"
Any other venues/songs, write them in the comments.


  • NumskullNumskull Road Warrior
    edited July 2011
    Just in case anyone's keeping track, there is no way in hell that I would ever buy this. Same goes for almost any other theoretical single-artist game.
  • MegaIronDragonDethMegaIronDragonDeth Post Ratio > 3 a Day
    edited July 2011
    I wouldn't buy this, ever. But I think a good number of other people would enjoy it though.
  • LiveHomeVideoLiveHomeVideo Trying too hard
    edited July 2011
    I love Michael Jackson, and would love his music on Rock Band...

    But a whole game wouldn't work. I don't think any artist other than the Beatles should get their own game, and that's only because they had enough variety in their career to keep such a game fresh. Plus, their already are a few MJ games, and this is unnecessary.
  • skyp1eskyp1e Road Warrior
    edited July 2011
    I'm passionate in my dislike of Michael Jackson.

    However, I am sure that there are at least two people who are equally as passionate for him for everyone like myself who is against. him.

    I wouldn't buy it, but I imagine it would sell pretty well.
  • Scythemaster 37Scythemaster 37 Road Warrior
    edited July 2011
    I'd buy this game, although I already have two of the songs in the game, "ABC" and "I Want You Back" (3 if you'd count the "Smooth Criminal" cover by AAF). Maybe "I Want You Back" and "ABC" could get RB3 versions.

    Why would anyone hate Michael Jackson??
  • skyp1eskyp1e Road Warrior
    edited July 2011
    I didn't say hate, I said "Passionate dislike".

  • GNFfhqwhgadsGNFfhqwhgads 99% Washed Up
    edited July 2011
    Ubisoft signed exclusivity for his music.

    Also, if there ever WAS a game, you can be damn sure all of Thriller would be there.
  • NumskullNumskull Road Warrior
    edited July 2011
    Scythemaster 37;4464993 said:
    Why would anyone hate Michael Jackson??

    Because everyone has different taste in music and some people react to his work in a very negative fashion. It's not supernatural. You could ask the same question about any other artist. Popularity does not grant immunity to criticism.
  • TuleRuneTuleRune Rising Star
    edited July 2011
    I really dont care for his music. I enjoy a couple of his songs like beat it and Smooth Criminal but how he got his title of King of Pop is beyond me. It wouldn't sell well as a Rock Band game and I am sure The Michael Jackson Experience didn't get a whole lotta sales.

    An R&B artist doesn't deserve a Rock Band game. I'm fine with songs on the game/dlc that breaks this 'Rock' rule but if you have a whole game that isn't Rock music you have a big problem, and R&B Band really doesn't sound good.
  • bandnewbbandnewb Unsigned
    edited August 2011
    Since when was the game pop band
  • NumskullNumskull Road Warrior
    edited August 2011
    bandnewb;4467211 said:
    Since when was the game pop band
    Since every time Harmonix releases a single pop song as DLC, according to some people.
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