Tim McGraw DLC

edited July 2011 in Your Ultimate Setlist
Rockband needs some Tim McGraw DLC. I was thinking to start off they could gradually give us three track packs that had five songs in them each + a Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Track Pack with four songs in it. My ideal track packs would go like this.

Tim McGraw Pack 1:
Live Like You Were Dying
My Old Friend
Last Dollar(Fly Away)
Southern Voice
Where the Green Grass Grows

Tim McGraw Pack 2:
Cowboy in Me
Just to See You Smile
My Best Friend
If You're Reading This
Felt Good On My Lips

Tim McGraw Pack 3:
Don't Take the Girl
Back When
Drugs or Jesus
My Little Girl

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Track Pack 1:
Just to Here You Say You Love Me
Lets Make Love
I Need You
It's Your Love
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