Who do I have to kill for more X Japan?

ShinGallonShinGallon Unsigned
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Dahlia, Kurenai (Blue Blood version), Rose of Pain, Rusty Nail...I'd buy any X Japan songs you felt like putting out for DLC, but those would be my top picks. If only one song, Dahlia, easily.
Seriously, I want some badass j-metal in my setlists!


  • GandWuserGandWuser Road Warrior
    edited August 2011
    I'd like I'll Kill You, please.
  • Scythemaster 37Scythemaster 37 Road Warrior
    edited August 2011
    I wish they had more English songs. Because their music is awesome and singing their songs would be challenging and fun, but since they're all gonna be in Japanese, it would be more challenging for me I guess. I just like understand what I'm singing.

    I miss "Heir Kommt Alex". Totally unrelated, but I was finally getting to the point where I could pronounce most of the words in the song, and then it was taken away from me in RB3. Sad face.
  • FlyGuyLXIFlyGuyLXI Headl!ner
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    Now that RBN supports Japanese lyrics in addition to X Japan releasing a new album shortly, there's hope. I do want to see some more X Japan myself. I don't think "I.V." represented them well at all.
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