Do you like Toast? What about free Toast?

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To promote the release of Heywood Banks' "Toast (Live)", I have been provided with ten voucher codes, which I will distribute slowly in a number of ways. I will post here as those opportunities become available

Codes #1 and #2: Twitter giveaway.
Simple. Just follow @TriumphantBass
As soon as the followers hit 50, I will randomly select two winners to send the codes to.

Code #3-Mmmmm
Arcanon;4471230 said:A good recipe for toast I like is French toast slathered in syrup, fresh from the toaster, with butter thrown in for good measure. I'd personally add some cinnamon onto it.
Since Arcanon can't win again, congrats MagicMurderBag!
Code #4-Scavenger Hunt/Shameless Self Promotion
Congrats Aracaron
Code #5- Free Space
Congrats LiveHomeVideo
Code #6- A Little Help For My Friends
Congrats dudemann14!

Code 7- Going Viral
Once the views for this video of Toast exceed 10,000 views, a commenter will randomly be selected to win a code.

Code #8 - The Only Exception

Congrats Cipher Peon!
Code #9 - Needles in A Haystack
Redeemed. Winner unknown.
Code #10- Spreading The Word
Congrats hokieman0!

Be sure to follow @TriumphantBass on twitter, subscribe to the YouTube channel, and check my announcement thread to keep up to date on all you need to know.



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