Wrong Difficultly Rating!

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Alright Job For A Cowboy's - Unfurling A Darkened Gospel SHOULD DEFFAINTLY be Devil Headed for the drums. It is one of the hardest songs on the drums and NO ONE can deny that. It is so fast paced with many different kick petal rythmes and a ton of tricky hand tricks. :mad: It is deffaintly harder than A TON of other songs marked Devil Headed, and Is harder than The Black Dahlia Murder's - What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse. I dont think that you can change it. And I am sure no one will even read this. But If u dont believe me. Set up ur drums, download that song, and try lol BUT if it can be changed I would really REALLY appraite it.


  • OscarvariumOscarvarium Rising Star
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    This is a known bug with Rock Band Network 1.0 songs. Everything that was Devil-tiered is now rated at 5-dots. This has been around since Rock Band 3 was released. Everything from late February onwards should be tiered correctly (subjective of course).
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    Ok thank you :)
  • DavyinaTogaDavyinaToga Road Warrior
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    Sort by difficulty. If an RBN song is near the beginning of Nightmare list (where they all have the bare-minimum hidden difficulty ranking number for Nightmare from RB2), then it's a true Nightmare song. If it's somewhere near the end (where they all have the bare-minimum hidden difficulty ranking number for Impossible from RB2, which is slightly lower than RB3's cutoff), then it's really Impossible tier.
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    If you own the song, the "sort by" method above works as a good way to 'detect' the "Previously Impossible" RBN 1.0 songs.

    If you're shopping in the store looking for Red Skull songs (or looking to AVOID them depending on your skill level), or if you're looking at your score results on rockbandscores.com and wondering, "Why did I do so badly on that one, it's only Tier 5?" you might just want the full list at a glance.

    http://rockband.scorehero.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=33613 has the list of all the "should be Final Tier" Guitar and Drum songs from RBN 1.0. It's a fairly large list.
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    A better song to show the misleading tiering (Though I knew that it was tier 6 before I bought it) is Death Quota For Purification. My lord......
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