Missing gig in the UFO

halfaworldawayhalfaworldaway Opening Act
edited August 2011 in LEGO: Rock Band
It says i have 140/155 stars for thise venue but can't see where the last gig is?


  • hakko504hakko504 Rising Star
    edited August 2011
    Ah. A classic question. "Where's the last gig?" Answer: It will appear. Sooner or later. I appear to have got it sooner by always agreeing to play whatever set the game suggests. You know, after you play one gig, the manager tells you that you should play this or that setlist. By always agreeing with him, it seems like it's more probable that the final gig will appear. But others have had to play a LOT of gigs before it has opened up to them. So keep on playing, thats really the only good advice you will find.
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