Why doesn't the RB Music Store app for 360 support RBN?

HamKetHamKet Opening Act
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HMXLachesis;4378347 said:
The Rock Band Network is not supported in the external application. We know the "currently unavailable" is causing confusion right now and we're working to get that fixed. All RBN songs are available via the in-game store, though!
I saw this posted in another thread from earlier this year, and I just have to ask "Why?"

I'd like to use the app when I have another game in the console, or I am browsing the dashboard. It would be quicker than popping RB3 in every time I want to browse the music store and not play the game.

So why does the app not support RBN? Why is the functionality different than the RB3 Music Store? It doesn't make sense to me that you can buy RBN songs in game, but not in the official RB music store app.

One of the main reasons I didn't use the app during RBN1 was because it didn't have the support for RBN. So when I saw that the app was upgraded earlier this year, I got excited, assuming RBN would be included. Since it doesn't, I rarely use the app, if ever.

It seems to me that people have a tendency to download free things. Since the store app is free, making the RBN songs available to purchase there would be provide more exposure for RBN, and more exposure is a good thing, right?
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