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atalkingfishatalkingfish Opening Act
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Talk about songs that are coming out next Thursday through the Rock Band Network as they come in.
An up-to-date list is kept here: http://rbnstuff.com/songs/upcoming

New Song:
Terrorhorse - "Magnolia"
If I remember correctly, didn't this one show up a while ago? Did it get pulled and put back up or what?

Hey, guys, about RBNStuff. I want to know if I should order songs on the upcoming page in alphabetical by author or by release date. Any preference?
And, as new songs come out, I'll link them to a page on my site that allows for guest comments and such, for feedback on the song, stuff like that. Basically, every song has it's own "page" now (except it's just a post on the RBNS forums)


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