RBNStuff is going to be updated - PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK (it helps, it really does)

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In a week or two, we will be releasing the new and improved RBNStuff.com website.

Some new improvements will be:
- New design/look for easier navigation and more organized content
- Greater integration of forum community tools
- Ability for Authoring Companies to post their own updates on the "News" page

What we want (the point of this thread) is for you guys to tell us what you want. Since the actual update isn't happening for a while, I want to have time to integrate suggestions from the community.

What we're going to focus LESS on:
- The "upcoming songs" section, as that just makes us a less up-to-date version of RBNReleases and we don't want that.

What we're going to focus MORE on:
- Authoring Comapnies' ability to update the website so the site itself works as a form of delivery, rather than a middle man.
- The twitter account (twitter.com/rbnstuff) will act as our main output of various updates. Follow that if you want as-it-happens updates.
- Interaction with bands who are in the Rock Band Network.
- Reviews of some of the best and not-as-well known RBN songs.

Anything you want to add to either of these lists? Let us know.

Basically, we're making RBNS a funnel website for all Authoring Companies' news to go through. In addition to that, we are going to make sure that ALL of the genuinely high-quality bands that come through the Rock Band Network get SOME sort of exposure. This is for anyone who likes finding new music through the Rock Band Network.

Of course we will maintain our updating upcoming songs page (http://rbnstuff.com/songs/upcoming) because we feel that the extra work put towards providing preview videos and authoring company info (when applicable) is helpful for both the authoring companies and the rbn customers.

Anyways, post your suggestions below. Before too long, I'll have a preview of what the site will look like and you guys can give feedback on that. We're looking for ways to make RBNS a useful and helpful place for all people interested in the RBN.

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* For those who are aware that we had a massive update only about two weeks ago, don't worry. While this will be a visual update, it will definitely be a how-the-website-works update. The last update kept the same bone structure of the site, if you get what I'm saying. This one won't do that. Also, it'll be the next major update for a long time.


  • TubaDude49TubaDude49 Road Warrior
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    I didn't like the exclusion of the separate contest page
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    TubaDude49;4484070 said:
    I didn't like the exclusion of the separate contest page

    This right here. My favorite thing you had was the Contest page.

    BTW TubaDude i know i already won and everything but did you ever figure out how to give away those last 2 Toast codes?
  • TubaDude49TubaDude49 Road Warrior
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    I'm going to wait for the other 8 to be awarded by then. Hopefully if everything works out I'll have a big announcement to coincide with the last two codes, or I'll have to come up with an alternate method.
  • LiveHomeVideoLiveHomeVideo Trying too hard
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    Well I like the ability to review songs and update news. But as the others said, I would like the Contest Page back.
  • AskariNariAskariNari Rising Star
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    Could there be a section for songs that have, well, questionable authoring? I mean songs like A Slight Amplification and Fat Kid. I know that there could be controversial issues with an authoring group not wanting there songs listed, but you could limit it to songs that have an inactive group or were authored by the band or something.
  • atalkingfishatalkingfish Opening Act
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    As far as the contest page goes, that will definitely be seeing a return in this new update. This is mostly due to the amount of Authoring Companies now participating in RBNStuff and their upcoming ability to post their own news/contests. So yes, that will be coming back.

    You can currently review songs (a feature I have not promoted very much, but has been there) by doing either of the following:
    (1) Clicking on the song title in the RBN DLC thread on the RB forums. That will lead you to the "song page" on the RBNS forums where anyone (with or without a forum account on there) can post their views on the songs.
    (2) Going to the RBNS forums (currently under "more", but will, after the update, be under "forum") and then view the song releases board. They are listed chronologically
    The song page has the authoring company, purchase links, price, and all that jazz. I'm hoping to get it to be a helpful resource for people contemplating whether or not they should buy the song. I'm thinking of implementing that system everywhere on the website (whenever I promote a song or whatever, just have it lead to that song page instead of putting the song buy data everywhere the song is mentioned)

    Questionable authoring will be something I'll have to implement. As far as making it's own page? I dunno about that. People who are looking for what songs to buy might go there, but the idea's purpose seems to be along the lines of "hey, wait, are you sure you wanna buy this?"
    So I imagine I'll either put it on the song page (maybe a rating system?) or next to the song on the upcoming/recent songs page. The former seems more likely.
    Thanks for bringing this topic up, I had not thought about it. Of course, I will only use it for extreme cases.
  • powerofyates2powerofyates2 Opening Act
    edited August 2011
    I don't really like the look of the site. It needs to have a better sense of/and more coherent style. If you're not that good at graphical design, just pare it down to something a little simpler but more elegant.

    Specifically, the gradient blue background on everything isn't bold or original enough to be interesting nor simple enough to be just a functional element. It smacks too much of trying too hard. Same with using the different colors for the buttons. Also, the blank blue background sort of accentuates the space where no content exists. Focusing your eyes more on blank areas, and making the site seem emptier.

    The font on the buttons I know are trying to look like the Rock Band font. But instead don't quite look like the font and end up kind of ugly. If they are the same font, it's how Harmonix uses it only sparingly and with a bold outline. For the buttons, something more akin to the links on the left side of this page would look much better (the My Gameplay/Games/Songs.... links).
  • andertonjandertonj Unsigned
    edited August 2011
    It sounds good, but contest page should be there. Do something for contest page, if it can back again.
  • OscarvariumOscarvarium Rising Star
    edited August 2011
    Might I recommend making an account over at Creators if you haven't already (can't remember if I've seen your name there or not)? Even without an active XNA sub you can still see the pages of songs that have been approved, as well as the profile pages of Authors (I think). That way you could find the author without having to ask people on here.
  • atalkingfishatalkingfish Opening Act
    edited August 2011
    You guys can start giving visual feedback when I get the preview for the next design up, as it is very different.
  • atalkingfishatalkingfish Opening Act
    edited August 2011
    Okay guys, so here is a VISUAL preview of what the site will look like. I'm currently building it on my web services site (which is previously unused for anything and is currently acting as a playground for me to mess with coding and stuff).

    If you go to atfwebservices.com/music, you will see what the music page's design will basically look like. All the links within the music page work fine (the ones on the right, though they may not be updated), but most of the other pages (forum, authors, etc) will mostly give you 404 errors.

    I will slowly make this playground website into the full RBNStuff website and then transfer everything over when it's done, so you can always check in and give advice and such on how things should look/work.

    Anyways, give me your feedback!
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