All rbn dlc currently unavailable

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I am in Canada, all RBN DLC has been "Currently Unavailable" for the last 10 days, whats up and when will this be fixed?



  • FairwoodStudiosFairwoodStudios Road Warrior
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    1) Has it worked before? Could just be your internet. Give it a little time.
    2) Are there parental settings on your console (360 only)? RBN songs are technically unrated, so if there's any parental settings at all you can't download. To test, try to download a demo of an XBox Indie Game (I personally suggest Sequence, but the game you pick is irrelevant). If you can do that, it's not the settings.
    3) Are you going through the in-game store, or through the external Music Store app? RBN content is not available on the external app, but the in-game store should work well.
    4) Can you download regular RB3 DLC? Try to download one of the free songs, so you don't spend money. Could be issues contacting Harmonix's servers.
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