Weird Error with "Nugget Man"

atalkingfishatalkingfish Opening Act
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So I was playing drums and, as always, I was messing around on the drums before every song (you know, hitting random things, just for fun). We were on party shuffle and Nugget Man came up. I was rolling on the snare during the intro and it would only let me hit, like, once or twice every second. I would be hitting it rapidly, but the game would only make sounds for every 5 or 10 hits. It wouldn't do this for any other pad, and if I alternated between red and any other pad, it wouldn't miss any hits, even if it the red hits were more frequent than when I was hitting before. We were like "oh crap, the drums are dying", so we replaced the batteries. When the song started again, it was doing the same thing. Then when the first notes came up, it was a snare roll and I was like "oh, of course", but then I hit all of them. And throughout the entire song I had no problem hitting red notes (but there were a lot of rolls in the song).

So we then went to a different song and discovered that only the intro to Nugget Man gave us this problem.

Nothing game breaking or anything, but worth pointing out (and it also kinda made me curious).

I was using a TB:RB drum kit with two bass pedals and a yellow and green cymbal, if this means anything.


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