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First off; sorry for posting a likely redundant topic. I love the Rock Band Network, buy many songs from it, but unfortunately I don't really keep up with the news. I'd love it if I could get a specific question answered without having to do much digging, in this case concerning the status of Jazz in RBN.

Now, I have the one RBN Jazz song, I Want You to See, and I really love it, but am simultaneously a bit disappointed there isn't more music like that on RBN. I also recall, a bit before RBN even launched, a great song by Bill Bruford's Earthworks was previewed, and, as I was led to believe, passed peer review.

So, my question is, are there any plans for Jazz to make its way to RBN? Also, whatever happened to Bill Bruford? Was it the sax being charted to vocals?



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    Bruford was a licensing matter. That's all I know and probably all that will be known.

    As for the overall topic- when we decided to tackle a capella music, I went for Rockapella first. That's because when we try to build up a new or niche genre, I go after artists either I personally respect or that have earned the respect of their musical community. Rockapella was obviously in both categories.

    Rockapella also took 6 months to happen. I say that to say this: we are actively working on solidifying a deal with a jazz artist of the same level of personal and communal respect. ...But it hasn't been 6 months yet. It will take more time, it might fall through. I will not say who it is until contracts and stems are in hand (except to say Ozone will be grumpy about it).

    Good news is, I found another group not too long ago that's a bit too new to really have the wide-reaching respect, but they're definitely good enough to deserve it. They're not exactly jazz, and won't be filed as such, but you could plausibly hear them on jazz radio. They're a lock, we're just pacing the announcement to better match the song's playtest reveal.
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    I have a deal to have a Jazz-ish song I wrote come out, and I have another Jazz-ish song that could come. I'll link them below. I know it might not be much, but it's more than nothing, and I'll probably write more Jazz material down the line that could get released.

    Song That is Coming: Kill Your Best Friend
    Song That Could Come: Korn

    Shylo Elliott has Cool Concoction, which is listed as being Fusion, if you want jazz you should at least preview this track.

    On a semi-related note, I personally would try to contact Spearhead to get their song Positive (which is kind of Acid Jazzy), but I couldn't fidn any contact info.
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    Thanks for the swift reply, guys.

    Yes, I have the Cool Concoction song. Not sure if I'd call it Jazz, but it's definitely a fun song, glad I bought it. I'm really enjoying a lot of the Electronica music on RBN, and think, especially with RB3, Jazz would be a great fit (I would not at all mind charting sax or trumpet to guitar, for example). I don't really care for charting brass instruments to vocals, but I wouldn't particularly mind either. Jazz improv plz :)

    Both AskariNari songs sound great too. I need to find some money to buy the rest of their songs in RBN.
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    Yes there is no any need to add trumpet and guitar It was playing awesome with RB3 and Jazz.

    RB3 and Jazz would be a great fit on that .......
    You are the Rock star...
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    Hopefully RB4 will feature a plastic Saxophone and will plow way for more Jazz.
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    Our song Gourmet Bean is coming to the RBN sometime in the future. Not sure exactly when, but I know it's happening~

    (The sax, yes, will be authored to vocals.)
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    If this happens, I will surely be glad about it. I love jazz and would await for it to be included here.
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    FiGMarcus;4498494 said:
    Our song Gourmet Bean is coming to the RBN sometime in the future. Not sure exactly when, but I know it's happening~

    (The sax, yes, will be authored to vocals.)
    Very cool. Will you classify it under Jazz? Its two songs are getting lonely.
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