getting more fans. please comments we are stuck.

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me and my gf have been playing rock band for a while. we have 270,000 fans and we are stuck. we keep playing on medium and we can't get more fans. then we both played on hard and get 4 stars and we still can't get more fans. what should we do to get more fans. we are really getting aggravated at it. let me know what we should do please. we would like to keep on playing it.


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    Fans in RB3 do not work like RB2. They are the result of getting specific goals in the game. You can see these goals in the "Career" section... You can get lots of goals by just playing on medium, but you will eventually max out, and then need to ramp up your difficulty to get more goals.

    Some goals only appear in your "Career" goals section if you have the appropriate DLC, to see all of these goals that are available you can go to your "My Gameplay" section of this site, and click on "goals".

    Also, goals are individual i.e. your gf and yourself have your own fan count. So you guys do not have a combined fan count for your 'band'. She can help you get harmony goals etc... on your profile, but your goal counts are going to be different.
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    As Seattle said, you have to do Goals. If you are just starting the goals, my advice is to start with the hardest ones you think you can handle. Each song has 4 difficulty tiers, if you do the hardest one first you will get all the lower ones as well.

    For instance, if you do all the warmup songs on Hard you will get the Easy and Medium goals when you complete the Hard one. If you do Easy, then Medium, then Hard you have to play the songs three times and it can get tiring.
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    we have the first rockband. does she have to do the solo tour first
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    If you're playing either RB1 or RB2, the only way to get more fans is to play on harder difficulties.
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