There's a glitch with Queendom by and the Neon Panthers

DMan304DMan304 Unsigned
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In that video there's four players so the problem is fixed, but otherwise the song is set so the wrong gender is set as the singer. Every other song switches singers like they're supposed to, but that song for some reason puts the male as the singer.


  • raynebcraynebc Road Warrior
    edited September 2011
    This was brought up a little while ago and it was agreed that the group that charted it probably just forgot to set the correct gender in Magma. They probably won't re-release the chart, but I will re-iterate that my friends and I really like this song, and I definitely hope to see more songs in the future.
  • jeronemitchelljeronemitchell Road Warrior
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    I... never noticed that it didn't switch the gender of the singer. I've played it on bass, so you would think that would have stuck out.

    I'd also like to say I like the song.
  • DragoonXDDragoonXD Road Warrior
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    I never noticed cause I have all females in my band.

    And I also like the song.
  • DMan304DMan304 Unsigned
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    Songs have been taken off before to fix something and put back up. Can't they do that with this? This isn't something like bad charting or misplaced overdrive, it's an actual mistake they made.
  • ZemanatorZemanator Rising Star
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    you REALLY expect them to remove it for this? someone forgot to change the gener in magma, it's not a big deal, and there is zero chance it will be pulled. there is nothing wrong with the chart or playability.

    songs get pulled because of blatant charting errors, or random glitches, ect. especially considering this is in the store, it has to be VERY extreme to pull it. it costs everyone involved a lot of time/money to pull it from the store..,
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