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I havent looked at the store in about a month so i dont know if any of these songs are there. I also added the genre.

Eyes Set to Kill
"Her Eyes Hold the Apocalypse"(metal)
"The Secrets Between"(metal)
"Sketch in Black and White"(emo)

Escape the Fate
"This War is Ours"(metal)
"You Are So Beautiful"(emo)
"We Won't Back Down"(emo)

As Blood Runs Black
"In Dying Days"(metal)

Scary Kids Scaring Kids
"The Only Medicine"(metal)
"A Pistol to My Temple"(emo)
"Blood Runs Forever"(emo)
"What's Up Now"(emo)

Elena Seigman
"Beauty of Annihilation"(metal)
"The One"(rock)

Avenged Sevenfold
"Not Ready to Die"(metal)

Dead Milkmen
"Punk Rock Girl"(punk)

Sonata Arctica
"8th Commandment"(metal)

"Seperation of Church and Skate"(punk)

Rhapsody of Fire
"Emerald Sword"(metal)
"Dawn of Victory"(metal)

System of a Down
"Lonely Day"(alternative?)
"Holy Mountains"(nu-metal)

Rise Against
"Behind Closed Doors"(punk)
"Like the Angel"(punk)
"Chamber the Cartridge"(punk)

"Crack the Skye"(metal)
"The Wolf is Loose"(metal)

"Love Gun"(classic rock)
"Strutter"(classic rock)
"God of Thunder"(classic rock)

Strike Anywhere
"Question the Answer"(punk)
"Im Your Opposite Number"(punk)

"Lights and Sounds"(pop-rock)

Tickle Me Pink

"Angel of Death"(metal)
"Raining Blood"(metal)
"Piece By Piece"(metal)

Municipal Waste
"The Art of Partying"(metal)
"Terror Shark"(metal)
"Unleash the Bastards"(metal)

Sum 41
"Fat Lip"(punk)
"Over My Head"(punk)
"The Hell Song"(punk)
"We're All To Blame"(punk)

Hollywood Undead
"Sell Your Soul"(nu-metal)
"Paradise Lost"(nu-metal)

Fall Out Boy
"Sugar We're Going Down"(?)

"Easy Target"(punk)
"Stay Together for the Kids"(punk)

Less Than Jake
"Thats Why They Call it a Union"(punk)

"Fall Back Down"(punk)

The Distillers
"Beat Your Heart Out"(punk)

"Intrested in Madness"(punk)

The Explosion
"Here I Am"(rock)
"No Revolution"(punk)

The Browns
"American Werewolf in Calgary"(punk)


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