JooseNeck's Dream RB4 Setlist

JooseNeckJooseNeck Unsigned
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This is what i'd like to be in Rock Band 4, I take requests and tell me if you think songs dont belong and ill delete them.


3 Inches of Blood- "Deadly Sinners" (metal)
AC/DC- "It's a Long Way To The Top" (classic rock)
The Adolescents- "Amoeba" (punk)
Aiden- "Die Die My Darling" (emo)
Alkaline Trio- "Private Eye" (alternative)
The Allman Brothers Band- "Jessica" (southern rock)
All Time Low- "Dear Maria" (pop-rock)
Anthrax- "Bring the Noise" (urban)
Arcade Fire- "Wake Up" (rock)
Arctic Monkeys- "I Bet That You Look Good On the Dance Floor" (alternative)
As Blood Runs Black- "In Dying Days" (metal)
Authority Zero- "Everyday" (punk)
Avenged Sevenfold- "Not Ready To Die" (metal)
Bad Brains- "Right Brigade" (punk)
Bad Religion- "God's Love" (punk)
Blink-182-"Easy Target" (punk)
Bracket- "2RAK005" (punk)
Bonded By Blood- "Prototype Death Machine" (metal)
The Casualties- "Unknown Soldier" (grunge)
CKY- "96 Quite Bitter Beings" (grunge)
The Cure- "Friday Im in Love" (pop-rock)
Danzig- "Mother" (grunge)
Dashboard Confessional- "Vindicated" (pop-rock)
The Devil Wears Prada- "Still Fly" (emo)
The Distillers- "Beat Your Heart Out"(punk)
Disturbed- "Droppin' Plates" (nu-metal)
Dragonforce- "Fury of the Storm" (metal)
Dramarama- "Anything Anything" (pop-rock)
D.R.I.- "Nursing Home Blues" (metal)
Dropkick Murphys- "The State of Massachusetts" (punk)
The Edgar Winter Group- "Frankenstein"
Elena Seigman- "Beauty of Annihilation" (metal) [female]
Escape the Fate- "This War is Ours" (emo)
The Explosion- "Here I Am" (rock)
Eyes Set to Kill- "Reach" (emo) [female]
The Faint- "I Disappear" (pop-rock)
Flyleaf- "All Around Me" (nu-metal) [female]
Garabage- "I'm Only Happy When it Rains" (emo) [female]
G.B.H.- "Crush 'em" (grunge)
The Go Gos- "Vacation" (pop-rock) [female]
The God Awfuls- "Watch It Fall" (punk)
Goldfinger- "Spokesman" (punk)
Guns N Roses- "Paradise City" (classic rock)
Hollywood Undead- "Sell Your Soul" (pop-rock)
Incubus- "Drive" (alternative)
I See Stars- "The End of the World Party"(emo)
Iron Maiden- "Dance of Death" (metal)
Jethro Tull- "Cross-Eyed Mary" (classic rock)
Jimi Hendrix- "Voodoo Chile" (classic rock)
Joe Esposito- "You're the Best Around" (rock)
Journey- "Open Arms" (classic rock)
Kansas- "Distant Vision" (classic rock)
Kiss- "Love Gun" (classic rock)
Less Than Jake- "Thats Why They Call it a Union" (punk)
Linkin Park- "Faint" (nu-metal)
The Living End- "End of the World" (alternative)
Los Lonley Boys- "Heaven" (rock)
Mastodon- "Divinations" (metal)
Meat Loaf- "Bat Out of Hell" (classic rock)
Megadeth- "Symphony of Destruction" (metal)
Metallica- "Master of Puppets" (metal)
MDC- "Chicken Squawk" (rock)
Motley Crue- "Live Wire" (classic rock)
Motorhead- "Overkill" (metal)
Municipal Waste- "Deathripper" (metal)
My Chemical Romance- "Astro Zombies" (emo)
NoFX- "Seeing Double at the Triple Block" (punk)
Oasis- "Champagne Supernova" (alternative)
The Offspring- "You're Gonna Go Far Kid" (punk)
Operatic- "Intrested in Madness" (pop-rock)
Orange Goblin- "Your World Will Hate This" (grunge)
Panic! At the Disco- "Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off" (pop-rock)
Queen- "You're My Best Friend" (rock)
Queensryche- "Breaking the Silence" (classic rock)
Rainbow- "Stargazer" (metal)
The Ramones- "I Wanna Live" (rock)
Rancid- "Fall Back Down" (punk)
Rhapsody of Fire- "Emerald Sword" (metal)
Rise Against- "Voices Off Camera" (punk)
Rod Stewart- "Young Turks" (new wave)
Scary Kids Scaring Kids- "Snake Devil" (emo)
Slayer- "Angel of Death" (metal)
Social Distortion- "Mommy's Little Monster" (punk)
Sonata Arctica- "Full Moon" (metal)
Steve Miller Band- "Threshold/Jet Airliner" (classic rock)
Strike Anywhere- "To the World" (punk)
Sum 41- "The Hell Song" (pop-rock)
System of a Down- "Hypnotize" (nu-metal)
Testament- "Absence of Light" (metal)
Tickle Me Pink- "Typical" (emo)
Thompson Twins- "Hold Me Now" (pop-rock)
Two Gallants- "Reflection of the Marionette" (southern rock)
U2- "Vertigo" (rock)
Vagiant- "FTK" (punk) [female]
Van Halen- "Hot For Teacher" (classic rock)
We Are Scientists- "The Great Escape" (pop-rock)
Ween- "Ocean Man" (alternative)
Yellowcard- "Lights and Sounds" (pop-rock)
ZZ Top- "La Grange" (classic rock)


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