Ripped off by gamestop

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I went into gamestop to buy a used RB1 for export. I had bought the export license previously but faild to export the songs before getting rid of the disk. Gamestop charged me $3 for a used copy in a generic 360 case. No big deal yet.

I then inquired as to a copy of lego rock band. They sold me a used copy with an empty case. No book or anything for $12. I did not know at the time that I could buy a new copy online for around $8 and get a working export code. Yeah egg on my face.


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    You were not ripped off. You failed to do your homework.

    Was it lame? Yep, I agree that it was. But you could have done one google search to prevent it.

    Asking for free expot codes is not allowed.
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