RBN DLC for 09/29 + Update on RBNStuff.com

atalkingfishatalkingfish Opening Act
edited September 2011 in The Rock Band Network
The the entire list of upcoming and recent songs is available on the homepage of RBNStuff.com

We just got "The Entertainer" by Scott Joplin, which I'm pretty excited for. It's never a bad time for ragtime, that's for sure.

Also, can anyone tell me if "Remember" and "If You Can't Hang" came out this last week or not?

Anyways, I've learned how to make accounts on RBNStuff and I know how to make it so only people with accounts can "like" or "upvote" a song, but I am still working on making it so a person with an account can only vote once. So once I figure that out, the voting system will be reset and everyone who has an account will be able to "like" songs they like.


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