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No, I didn't search to see if someone's already suggested this. No, I didn't post this in the existing thread for game bugs and feature requests. I'm a bad boy. But I did think it would make more sense to put this suggestion here, where more the more RBN-aware members of the forum hang out.

Back in the "Why don't YOU buy tracks from the Rock Band Network? thread, one of the reasons given for not buying RBN tracks is the lack of pro strings upgrades. Of course we all know and understand why RBN tracks don't get those upgrades, from the complexity of the charts to the almost nonexistent base of testers to review them. Still, it's a shame to think that there are some truly awesome songs in the game, now and in the future, that will never have the chance to be upgraded.

Harmonix is already more involved with user-generated content for their games than just about any other publisher, from advertising new tracks each week to porting select tracks to another console. What if Harmonix also committed to handling pro upgrades themselves of RBN tracks now and then? Of course no one should expect them to do very many; even one a week is probably asking for too much. But, perhaps one every other week, or one to three per month, based on criteria similar to what is used in deciding which songs to port to the PS3.

Depending on how this was arranged, maybe Harmonix wouldn't even have to handle the entire process themselves. They could release the tools, have the RBN authors chart the upgrades, and then periodically select a track for review and release. I readily acknowledge this could turn into a logistical nightmare when authors don't respond as quickly as they should, but it's still a possible way to spread responsibility and potentially get more pro upgrades out the door.

Obviously any arrangement would not see very many songs get upgraded, but at least it would give every track the possibility of seeing an upgrade at some point. That would make the RBN a lot more attractive to some players, and maybe even some artists.

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    we recently had a giant discussion about this on the creators site that basically came down to:

    not enough people who could accurately test it
    not enough people would be able to accurately transcribe the song by ear, and not even band will be able to provide tabs for them to use
    the amount of time involved would be too much
    the amount of work involved for HMX to implement it would not be worth the money they made back
    there's such a small amount of people who play pro guitar/bass compared to the overall number, that the number of upgrade sales would be about equal to 10% of the total sales for the song, which would mean it's not worth the time and effort for the authors

    and to quote lachesis:
    Re: Are We Ready for Pro Guitar/Bass?
    Just to be clear:

    At this time, there are no plans to support Pro Guitar/Bass on RBN.

    Thank you.

    EDIT: I would love it if it as feasible, since there are a lot of songs that would be tons of fun, but it just isn't.
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    I don't believe that they'll be any meaningful changes or updates/upgrades to the Rock Band Network ever. Perhaps with Rock Band 4, but I'm not convinced there will ever BE a Rock Band 4.
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