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dcownedcowne Opening Act
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I cannot download any of the new Black Veil Brides releases (or any other RBN track for that matter) right now. The regular stuff works fine, but all RBN tracks say "currently unavailable." anyone know anything about this?


  • FairwoodStudiosFairwoodStudios Road Warrior
    edited September 2011
    1) Are you in a supported country? If you're in Australia or somewhere that English isn't your native language, that might be the case.
    2) Are there parental settings on your console? RBN songs are technically unrated, so if there's any parental settings at all you can't download. To test, try to download a demo of an XBox Indie Game (I personally suggest Sequence, but the game you pick is irrelevant). If you can do that, it's not the settings.
    3) Are you going through the Rock Band 3 in-game store, or through the external Music Store app? RBN content is not available on the external app, but the in-game store should work well.
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