Rock Band Pro Drums Videos List

RedWiiKevRedWiiKev Unsigned
edited September 2011 in The Rock Band Network
I have taken video recordings of songs in Rock Band 3 and played them back as I play my real drum kit. This helps me to learn the songs faster! I think there would be other people out there that could benefit greatly from these videos.

I suggest we compile a list, with links to the videos on YouTube or a similar site with all of the core, DLC and RBN songs recorded. The way I do the recording is I go into the practice mode and I record the entire song from start to finish without playing a single beat. This way you get the soundtrack and you also get video of every gem!

I will reply here with a sample video to give you guy's a better idea of what I mean. Does anyone here think they could benefit and maybe want to help me out with this project?


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