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Hey guys,

We just announced a bunch of awesome songs in September's RBN announcement thread. We have a lot more stuff to bring to the table on top of all that. Only thing is, we need to get the songs done to actually announce them. Since we first expanded CTA's team, we've been producing tracks a lot faster, but I feel we could do better.

So, I'm putting a call out again for more authors to join our group! We're primarily looking for vocal/harmony, venue, and keys/pro keys authors, as we're low on those, but we'll take on anybody willing to help us long as you're 18 or older and can work as an independent contractor. We work with a variety of songs (prog metal, punk and chiptune/electronica are some of what we've got in progress right now) and the pay is decent.

Sign up here if you want in. Thanks!
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